How To Make The Most Of A Not So Perfect Laundry Room Situation

Most homeowners dream of a large laundry room, but in reality, many homes have a less than ideal space for their washing machine and dryer. Whether your laundry room is in a cramped closet or relegated to the garage or basement, we’ll show you how to make the most of a not so perfect laundry room situation. From choosing cabinets to smart storage solutions, The RTA Store has you covered!

Banished To The Basement

In a perfect situation, the laundry room would be located close to the bedrooms and bathroom linen closets. This efficient arrangement allows you to wash, dry, fold, and put away clothes and towels without having to carry heavy loads up and down stairs. In a Ranch-style home, this would mean the first floor, and in a traditional two-story home, this would mean the second floor. But in older homes, it’s not uncommon for the washer and dryer to be located in the basement. If your basement is finished, define your laundry area with the help of a privacy screen or curtains, and by choosing cabinets that compliment the space. In the case of an unfinished basement, a few decorative touches and a colorful area rug can help to brighten up a dreary corner. As for the stairs, think of it as an opportunity to get in a few extra minutes of exercise each day!

Cloaked In A Closet

Small laundry area with washer and dryer.

Without a designated laundry room in the house, homeowners need to get creative. This could mean setting up a laundry station inside a closet or half-bath. This clever hack makes the most of the square footage you have, and offers a smart storage solution when space is tight. In this scenario, you need to maximize every square inch of space with either a stackable washer and dryer, or the largest front-loading, side-by side set that your small space will allow. If there is room, install ready to assemble laundry room cabinets to neatly keep laundry detergent, fabric softener, stain remover, and other laundry odds and ends behind closed doors.

Gone To The Garage

6-29-18 RTA3-Manchester Shaker Brandywine

A garage can be a logical place for a laundry room as long as you keep a relatively clean and organized garage — after all, you wouldn’t want the dirt from the outside to get on your clean clothing and linens. Choosing cabinets for storage is always smart, especially in a garage laundry room situation. As with a basement, carve out a tidy space with décor and cheerful touches, such as an indoor/outdoor area rug, wall art, and curtains.

Your laundry room situation may be not so perfect, but with a little TLC and some smart storage solutions, it can be perfectly functional and lovely!

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