Boost Natural Sunlight In Your Kitchen

How to Boost Natural Sunlight in Your Kitchen

When it comes to lighting options, you really can’t beat natural light. Not only does it create a rich, uplifting feel in any room that can’t be duplicated by artificial light, but it increases levels of serotonin (aka feel-good hormones) in the body. Plus, it’s free!

With the kitchen being one of the rooms we spend the most time in at home, you’ll want to make sure there’s as much natural light as possible in yours. Follow our five suggestions for boosting natural sunlight in your kitchen and you’ll enjoy a brighter and lighter looking kitchen. Perhaps you’ll even benefit from a brighter mood as well!

#1: Choose a Reflective Backsplash
Reflective backsplashes can bounce light around and give the impression of more light when windows are limited, making your kitchen brighter without needing to add artificial lights. Light-colored glass, metallic or glossy ceramic tiles are all great reflective backsplash options.

#2: Use Translucent Shades
Avoid dark and heavy, light-blocking curtains and window treatments and use translucent shades instead. Translucent shades are ideal for the kitchen because they allow a good amount of natural light in while still providing privacy.

#3: Get a Garden Window
Garden windows extend out from the house and typically have an interior shelf for plants and herbs, with side vents to provide ventilation for fresh air. These windows are designed to let natural light shine in and create a healthy environment for plants and herbs.

If you have room for a garden window in your kitchen, installing one is an ideal choice, especially if you love keeping indoor plants.

#4: Sparkling Clean Windows
This is a very simple yet highly impactful tip: keep your windows nice and clean! You’d be surprised how much daylight dirty windows can block from getting into your home. While you’re at it, keep fixtures and lightbulbs clean, too, as their shine will add to the overall brightness of your kitchen.

#5: Trim Outdoor Greenery
The greenery outside your kitchen window can also have an impact on the amount of natural light that gets inside. Hanging tree branches, tall bushes and/or climbing plants can block sunlight from shining in. To make sure natural light can actually access your kitchen, you’ll want to trim any plants that are growing outside of your kitchen doors and windows.