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The 7 Dirtiest Places Hiding In Your Kitchen

The kitchen is definitely the most important room in the house. It makes life easier and better in so many ways. It’s where you eat and create food, it’s a beautiful workstation with storage, and it’s a welcoming place that gathers people together. However, the heart of the home can quickly and easily collect dirt, grime, and germs. It’s time to clean those areas you use frequently but may overlook in your day-to-day routine, such as your kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls. Below are the seven dirtiest places in your kitchen, and tips on how you can keep them cleaner in simple and effective ways.


1. Sink

The sink can easily become the dirtiest place in the kitchen. Whether you’re washing produce, your hands, or the dishes, the remnants of food do not always go down the drain. Some bacteria can get left behind and lurk in the sink, and continue to grow at a rapid rate. Make sure to clean it regularly with a sponge and disinfectant. Don’t forget the sink strainer and drain stopper! Place them in the dishwasher or give them a good scrub when you clean the sink.


Aspen White Shaker - The RTA Store2. Countertops

You use them often — from the stages of preparing food to eating it, as well as displaying food and small appliances. Unfortunately, quick wipes with water and a sponge do not get rid of all the bacteria. The countertops easily pick up germs from many sources such as grocery bags, produce, and your hands. Do not use a dirty sponge to wipe them down, as this only spreads more bacteria. Be sure to clean countertops with a disinfectant cleaner suitable to your counter material, and wipe them dry.


3. Refrigerator Drawers

The compartments for veggies and meats take the top spot as the dirtiest place in the fridge. Drawers can easily get or grow Salmonella, listeria, yeast, and mold. To avoid contamination, separate meats and veggies, and wash hands, cutting boards, and all utensils after handling foods. Also be sure to rinse all produce thoroughly, and clean the drawers once every month. Remove the drawers from the fridge, and use a sponge with mild detergent and warm water. Rinse and wipe with a clean towel.


4. Space Between Counters And Appliances

There are a few small crevasses in your kitchen, notably between the counter tops, refrigerator, and stove, where crumbs fall down and grime can collect. Wrap a cloth around a knife and use a cleaner to get in between these hard to reach areas – they desperately need it! A toothbrush can also be a handy tool for getting inside small nooks and crannies around the kitchen.


5. Knobs and Pulls

Small yet significant, kitchen cabinet handles are often overlooked in the cleaning process. But you are constantly touching them, and spreading dirt from your hands onto the rest of the kitchen, including the things you touched before and after. Since they are used frequently throughout the day but often forgotten, it’s time to give your knobs and pulls some much needed TLC every time you clean the kitchen. It’s best to clean them weekly, biweekly, or monthly at the very least.


6. Sponges And Dishrags

Sponges and dishrags are used often, and need to be changed frequently, as they can easily hold bacteria that can get spread around the kitchen. These workhorses are often wet, and kept in a damp environment that increases bacteria growth. Surprisingly, they are typically not sanitized before their next use. Make sure to change sponges often, and rinse and ring them dry when done using them. Dishrags should be washed in the laundry with hot water regularly. In general, cloths and sponges should be changed weekly, and brushes should be dish washed after every use.


Espresso Bean - The RTA Store7. Stove, Oven, And Microwave

You constantly touch your major appliances when making meals, so germs can spread easily from your hands onto appliance surfaces and throughout the kitchen. Remnants and residue from foods and sauces can easily spill onto the stove, or splatter inside the oven and microwave. Don’t worry — it commonly happens in the cooking process and can be cleaned easily. It’s best to wipe down these areas with disinfectant every time you wipe down the counters.


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