5 Unique Trends to Update Your Kitchen

Fall is here, the weather has cooled down and the kids are back in school— it’s the perfect time to update your kitchen! 
From the fashionista to the techie to the outdoorsman— these unique kitchen trends encompass every style. Give in to the kitchen craze and check out these five unique kitchen trends!

  1.  Technology in the kitchen

In this day and age, you can take your technology anywhere, including the kitchen.  If being connected is a priority in your house, this trend is for you. Technology enthusiasts have found multiple nooks and crannies for TVs in the kitchen without it taking up precious space on the counter. You can buy refrigerators with TV screens and tablets right on the surface, replace any cabinet with a flat screen or even install one in your backsplash! Now you can follow your favorite TV chef’s instructions right from you kitchen or catch up on that drama series while you preparing dinner! 

  1. Innovative storage

Traditional storage may leave you with extra pots, pans and dishes and nowhere to put them.  This savvy new trend that is popping up all over Pinterest explores unique and stylish ways to store kitchen wares—you may not even be aware of the all the unused space in your kitchen!
These amazing tricks and design ideas will make your life simpler and your kitchen more organized. Try installing an overhead rack to hang pots and pans, using the inside of your cabinet doors to hang odds and ends (or a great place for your shopping list!) or transforming blank space under your countertop with special-purpose pull-outs! 


  1. Pops of color

Instead of your typical stainless steel appliances and boring wallpaper, why not add a pop of color to your kitchen? Choose a colorful, standout appliance piece to compliment your dishes or a rustic, warm metal to highlight your hard wood floors! No matter which color you choose, you can’t go wrong with this kitchen trend. 
Try adding a colored sink or a patterned marble or limestone backsplash to your kitchen for a fun feel. Raw materials in decoration can also add an unexpected flair to your kitchen. Using brick veneer, concrete or beadboard instead of drywall will add texture. Chrome is out and metal is in— brass and aged gold faucets and hoods will look great against wood cabinets or a dark backsplash.  You can also buy Dacor dishwashers and Blue Star gas range stoves in a variety of colors!  Spice up your kitchen with a dash of color this fall!

  1. Alternative countertops

Granite countertops are beautiful, but they can be expensive. Alternative countertops are trendy, budget-conscious and eco-friendly! Laminate countertops can give the appearance of granite without breaking the bank, or try installing a mixed countertop with part wood (for chopping) and part granite.  This will cut down on the cost while also giving you a built-in cutting board!
Sustainable countertops are also all the rage as health and environmentally conscious chefs look for formaldehyde free materials. Teragren’s formaldehyde free, food safe bamboo butcher block material makes a beautiful, textured surface in natural colors. The EQ countertop is also another green option as products made from sustainable materials become increasingly more popular.  Countertops can also be made from recycled glass, cabinetry, bamboo or wheat board for a safe and stylish cooking space!
(Teragren’s bamboo countertop)

  1. Unconventional kitchen spaces

Individual taste plays a huge part in how we design our homes. No matter what contemporary style dictates, if you don’t love it – you won’t use it.  Unconventional kitchen spaces can play up the characteristics of your personality and your family dynamic, making meal times that much better. The kitchen is where your family comes together, and your kitchen may be more of a family room than any other room in your house. Making your kitchen an expansion of the living room and breaking down walls can be a great way to spend more time with your loved ones. Or maybe you’re tired of not having a formal dining room and eating meals in front of the TV. Try making your island or chopping block a combination kitchen table by adding bar stools or chairs for banquette-style seating! 
Perhaps your family just hates being inside! Another eccentric trend is the outdoor kitchen!  This showpiece is for families that love the outdoors. Fire up the grill, settle down by the fire and enjoy your meals with a complementary view.