Top 6 Reasons Why White Cabinets Are A Nice Idea For A Kitchen

Not too long ago we wrote about the Top 5 Ways to Help Keep Your White Kitchen White. If you’re considering investing in new cabinets, but are on the fence about choosing white, here are six reasons why white cabinets are a nice idea for a kitchen.

1. White Cabinets Can Make Your Kitchen Seem Larger

If you have a small kitchen the last thing you want to do is invest in dark colored kitchen cabinets. Dark cabinets can make your space look and feel much smaller. By investing in white cabinets your kitchen will visually appear much larger.

2. Variety Of Wall Color Choices

With white kitchen cabinets you’ll never have to worry about the question “will this match my cabinets?” You can easily decorate your kitchen around your white cabinets.

You can select any color backsplash and never have to be concerned about it clashing with your cabinets. You’ll also have the ability to choose a signature wall color. If you decide you want to repaint your kitchen in a few years, selecting another wall color will not be an issue because any color will work with your kitchen cabinets.

3. White Cabinets Never Go Out of Style

Yep, that’s right. White kitchen cabinets are timeless. You’ll never have to fret if your cabinets will go out of style or date themselves based on the stain of the wood.

4. White Cabinets Work With All Styles

No matter what style of kitchen cabinetry you select, you won’t have to worry about style. White kitchen cabinets coordinate with all types of styles like traditional, modern, country, european and contemporary.

5. White Cabinets Make A Statement

Choosing white cabinets over stained cabinets will help you make a statement and become more creative with the décor of your kitchen.

A great example of making a statement is selecting a kitchen island that’s a completely different color, texture, and material. It creates a beautiful focal point in the room and it’s an easy fix if you get bored with it and want to update your kitchen.

If your kitchen isn’t large enough to house an island, you can get creative and make a statement with your kitchen backsplash. There are many things you can do with a backsplash with texture, pattern, material, and color.  You can truly feel free to release your inner designer, and know that whatever you decide to do in this area, it will all work well together.

6. Add Color Inside Your Cabinetry

Add Color Inside Your Cabinetry
White kitchen cabinets will allow you to have a certain playful flexibility that stained kitchen cabinets will not. Choose kitchen cabinets that have glass front doors and let your cabinets be the focal point in your kitchen by painting the back of them.

At TheRTAStore we have a variety of beautiful white kitchen cabinetry to choose from like our Aspen White Shaker and our Vintage White kitchen cabinets. Stop by our website or give us a call and let one of our friendly kitchen designers help you with your kitchen design needs.