The Ultimate Guide To Kitchen Styles Part 3

Are you ready to learn more about the different types of kitchen styles? If you answered yes, then get ready to check out three more kitchen styles on today’s blog! But before we get started, if you missed out on part 1 or part 2 now is your chance to catch up!

This week we are going to focus on three styles of kitchens, French Country, Mid-Century Modern, and Retro kitchens!

French Country Kitchens

The French Country style of decorating mirrors the rustic old-world charm and style of rural France. It has a very warm and informal feel, using natural materials like distressed wood, earth-toned colors, and metals.
French Country Kitchens
Kitchen cabinets used in this style of decorating are usually made of wood and will have lots of decorative elements. Typical hardware used on these types of cabinets is usually made from brass, bronze, or iron and will have a worn, aged look.

For more detailed information on French Country kitchens and how to create this look check out our blog on The Beginners Guide to French Country Kitchens.

Mid-Century Modern Kitchens

The Mid-Century Modern (MCM) style of kitchen dates back to the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s. The style features clean lines and organic shapes that focus on simplicity and function.
Mid-Century Modern Kitchens
Materials used in a Mid-Century Modern kitchen were usually new types of materials for their time, due to the shortage of materials during and after the war. Kitchen cabinet materials used in MCM kitchens were usually flat panel doors and drawers made from wood, and featured glass-front cabinet doors.
A MCM kitchen featured lots of fun design elements like whimsical wall paper patterns, bright colors, organic shapes, sloped ceilings, and exposed brick walls and beams. The overall design layout would have been to have open spaces that blurred the traditional lines of kitchen and living areas. Eat-in-kitchens were part of the overall design plan, and furniture used in these kitchens would have had more of a Scandinavian design influence and would have been very functional.

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Retro Kitchens

The Retro kitchen style dates back to the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s. The 1950’s kitchen would have had huge pops of bright color like red, black, blue and chrome in the kitchen cabinets and appliances.
Countertops used in Retro styled kitchens would have been made of plastic laminate, which usually featured a pattern printed on them like bubbles or stars, and a metal rim going around the edge of the countertop.

Retro Kitchens
Retro styled kitchens featured lots of personal touches and eclectic style. Anything that seemed “futuristic” at the time would have been used in this type of kitchen.
We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface with all of these awesome kitchen styles! Check back with us in a few weeks for part 4 of our Ultimate Guide To Kitchen Styles!
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