Halloween Front Porch Decor

Spooky And Fun Home Decorating Ideas For Halloween

Anyone that loves decorating understands why fall is such an exciting time of year. It kicks off the season of celebration — from Halloween all the way to New Year’s Eve. Halloween is especially fun because there are no rules, and you can completely indulge in your creativity. Here are a few ideas for decorating the different areas of your house this Halloween, including the kitchen!  




Decorating your kitchen for Halloween is more than putting out a few bowls of candy. There are so many ways to be stylishly spooky. Kitchen islands are a great opportunity for showcasing Halloween décor. They are spacious, and usually front and center in the room. You can fill a glass canister with harvest ornaments, or use a serving tray to display a creepy scene with glittery spiders and pumpkins. You could even set up a flickering candelabra for extra eeriness. 


Your kitchen cabinets also offer some prime real estate for decorating. Place a collection of glass or ceramic pumpkins on a glass front corner cabinet or open shelf. Kitchen islands, or out-of-the-way areas like corner cabinets, are ideal places to decorate in the kitchen. These are areas that won’t get in the way during food prep.

Halloween Home Decor

Living Room and Entryway


Since your common areas are fair game for anyone from partygoers to trick-or-treaters, these rooms shouldn’t be neglected. From the moment your guests step in your home they should be ooh-ing and ahh-ing (more from delight than fright, of course).


Try adding some small touches to the entryway that are in season but not outlandish. Place a pottery urn filled with dead, twisted branches on your hall table, paired with a small collection of spooky electric candles of various sizes. You can also trick out mirrors and fireplace mantels with decorative banners and Halloween picture frames. Check out these ideas for Halloween frames on Pinterest.    


If you feel like Halloween decorations tend to be tacky, we have the solution. Rather than replace your current décor with Halloween themed accents, meld them together. Don’t put away your coffee table dough bowl; just replace those decorative balls with some acorns and miniature pumpkins. Then add a tasteful yet festive throw pillow to your sofa. You can do spooky and still keep things sophisticated.




When it comes to Halloween, if you’re not decorating the outside of your house you’re doing something wrong. The hallmark of this holiday is trick-or-treating! Whether you have kids or not, it’s pretty much your neighborly duty to make sure the exterior of your home is all decked out.


Start by placing a fun Halloween or autumn inspired wreath on your front door. Carved pumpkins are a given on any doorstep, but not all of us are masters of the knife. Instead, check out some of the carve-free decorating ideas (like these cute cats) that any age or skill level can conquer. Clinging decals are a mess-free way to add some spook to a front window. And don’t forget the faux spiders and webs!


For the front yard, make DIY ghosts with chicken wire and cheesecloth. Place them around your front lawn to give guests a bit of a fright. You can even give them that ghostly glow with a battery-operated light. This is a super easy DIY project that will really take your outdoor Halloween décor to the next level.



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