7 Kitchen Countertop Ideas We Love

Kitchen cabinets aren’t the only way to be creative with a remodel. Get ready to be wowed by these seven kitchen countertop ideas that will change the way you think about kitchen design.  

1. Stainless Steel

No longer just for the hardware on your kitchen cabinets and the fixtures in the room, stainless steel is now a strong contender when it comes to contemporary kitchen countertops. What does it offer? Along with a striking modern look, it gives homeowners an easy-to-clean surface that is antibacterial and non-porous so you won’t need to seal it like granite and other materials.

2. Mixed Materials

If you want to go with a quartz or granite countertop but don’t want a kitchen that looks like the entire neighborhood, consider mixing materials. You can use durable quartz or granite in one section, and then incorporate another material in a section of your countertop that gets less use. If you have a kitchen island, you can do the island and the countertop in two different materials as another way to add more dimension and style to the room.

3. Concrete

Bare, stripped down kitchen designs are becoming more and more mainstream, and we love the look of concrete as a counter top in these industrial style kitchens. Since concrete can be dyed to any hue you’d like, it is easy to match to any color or style of kitchen cabinets. Buyers beware: this porous material will need some extra TLC (aka waxing and sealing from time to time).

4. Laminate

Not the most expected choice for a kitchen countertop but laminate is definitely budget friendly. And with the wide range of colors and designs available in this material, it is a fun choice for vintage style kitchens and can also work with a country or cottage theme. Don’t get too attached though, the lifespan of laminate is much less than other materials.

5. Butcher Block

Foodies will bow down to a butcher-block countertop. You’ll be able to slice and dice wherever you please since your countertop will be like one enormous cutting board. The wood is also an interesting element to add to country themed and traditionally designed kitchens.

6. Tile

Your parents may have used tile as a way to cover up the wear and tear of an old countertop in the good old days, but today homeowners are choosing tile as an eclectic and interesting way to add character to their kitchen. Tip: Buy a few extras so that if you ever need to replace one down the road you are covered.

7. Glass

Another great idea for modern kitchens is glass. Its sleek appearance is perfect for contemporary themes and it can be customized to any shape, color or texture you choose. Glass also has the added benefit of being low-maintenance. You wont have to worry about stains or pesky bacteria with an easy to clean and maintain glass countertop.

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