Person Cleaning Tile Backsplash

5 Tips To Clean Your Kitchen Backsplash In A Jiffy

There’s no denying it — kitchen backsplashes are beautiful. They’ve evolved over the years in their appearance including shape, style, and materials. Kitchen backsplash tile is available in a limitless variety of colors, finishes, and materials like glass, ceramic, and marble. After all the thought and time that goes into choosing and installing a kitchen backsplash, it is important to maintain its beautiful appearance through routine cleaning. Read on to find out the best tips to clean your kitchen backsplash tile in a jiffy!


  1. Grey Shaker - The RTA StoreTake Action

Blotting away grease and grime should be done as soon as it happens. This is the most important and best thing you can do for your backsplash! The longer the stains and splatters linger and stay stuck, the more difficult it will be to remove them later on.


  1. Timing Is Everything

How often and how thorough you clean your should depend on how often you cook and what types of food you cook, since this is what leads to how many messes will be made. In general, the kitchen is known to get dirtier than any other place in the house, so it should get extra TLC.


  1. Multi-Purpose Surfaces

No matter the surface of your backsplash (marble, ceramic, or glass), the same process and cleaning solvents are generally used for regular cleaning purposes. However, when dealing with grease, it’s best to spot test and use gentle scrubbing.


  1. Baking Soda and VinegarStubborn Stains And Grease

Some stains and grease may need extra attention — especially if they are large or have been sitting for a while. There are a few options you can choose to get the grease gone. Use a heavy duty degreasing cleaner to remove tough grime. An alternative is spot treating with baking soda or spraying distilled white vinegar to wipe stains out. Avoid using undiluted bleach. It can ruin paint or end up staining surfaces.


  1. The Basic Process

Ideally, it’s easier to soften up grease and splatter with warm, soapy water. Apply a sponge soaked in warm soapy water until the stubborn splatter is removed. Finally dry the area with a dishtowel to avoid leftover residue, and prevent attracting new dirt to the freshly cleaned area.


Quick Steps For Cleaning Tile, Marble, And Glass Backsplash Tile

  • Blot grease globs or stains off surfaces immediately with a damp paper towel, and gently wipe to soften.


  • Spray the surface with an all-purpose cleaning solvent (especially one that specializes in grease removal).
  • Wipe down the kitchen backsplash with a sponge or soft dishcloth. Press and hold to stains and grease and then wipe away in a circular motion. Repeat if needed until grease is completely removed.
  • For grease stains that are hard to get out, combine equal parts warm water and baking soda in a bowl and mix into a paste consistency. Apply it to the stains and let dry. Afterwards, remove the paste with a wet clean dishcloth.
  • For another natural cleaning alternative, spray white vinegar and warm water and let sit for five minutes. When all grease is gone, use a clean, wet dishtowel or sponge with warm water to rinse away residue. Wipe dry with a clean soft dishtowel or paper towels.


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