4 Power Tools For The Avid DIYer

Do you live for a good DIY moment? Are many of the items on your home renovation checklist projects you plan to knock out yourself? If you are always tackling a new home improvement project, you need to be prepared with the right tools and materials.

This list highlights five power tools that every avid DIYer should have in their collection. And don’t worry. You don’t need to invest in all of these tools at once. Start with what you need most urgently and then add new pieces as you go!

Cordless Drill

Whether installing new cabinets or assembling a dining room table, a cordless drill comes in handy way more than you can imagine. In fact, this power tool will probably be one of the most go-to pieces in your toolbox.

When purchasing a drill, we recommend opting for a cordless version. This will just give you so much more flexibility. You can stray away from the electric outlet and work on projects all throughout your home and outdoors.

A common question that pops up when buying a cordless drill is whether to splurge on the more expensive hammer drill or not? A hammer drill is beneficial if you plan to drill into a very solid surface like brick or masonry. If not, you’ll do just fine with a brushless drill, which works well drilling into softer materials like wood or drywall.

Carpenter cutting wooden board with circular saw












Table Saw

Many of the projects on your home renovation checklist probably recommend using a table saw. This handy tool makes cutting panels or sheets a whole lot easier. Whether it is solid oak, plywood, or MDF you are working with, a table saw will allow you to make smooth cuts through the material.

A comparable woodworking tool is a miter saw. While these two tools can do many of the same things, one is sometimes better than the other. For example, when researching how to install crown molding, you’ll notice a compound miter saw is listed as one of the tools you’ll need.

Some homeowners choose to have both on hand, but since a table saw is more versatile, it is the better option to start with (unless you have a specific project in mind that requires a miter saw).

Random Orbital Sander

A great power tool to have at your disposal is a random orbital sander. This type of sander is superior to others, because it offers a smooth, swirl-free finish. This means your work surface will not be left with any patterns or cross-grain scratches.

You can find cordless versions available, which are great if you do most of your woodwork in the garage or backyard. You’ll also see different speeds offered. The faster the speed, the faster you will be able to sand.

Reciprocating Saw Wood Work












Reciprocating Saw

This little machine is a powerhouse and can cut right through metal or stone. A reciprocating saw will replace your crowbar or hacksaw, and is the perfect power tool in a teardown or demolition. It is also a huge asset when doing any plumbing or electrical work.

Basically anyone taking part in a home remodel will appreciate the speed, versatility, and strength of a reciprocating saw. Also known as a sawzall, this power tool is pretty budget friendly and offers different blade options, so it’s easy enough to get the right blade for your specific DIY project.


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