How To Turn A Spare Bedroom Into A Den

Last week, in our blog titled How To Get Your Home Ready For Hosting Holiday Guests, we talked about converting a TV room or home office into a makeshift guest bedroom. At the RTA Store, we’re all for making the most of the space you have at home. Just ask one of our free room design experts.

This week, we’re turning the tables on this topic and discussing how to turn a spare bedroom into a den. Whether you’re looking for a separate place for your kids to play and watch cartoons, a haven for the sports fans in your house, or a cozy space to read or watch movies instead of your formal, open concept living room, you’ve come to the right place!

Room To Spare

If you have an extra bedroom that is rarely used, why let that space go to waste?

Converting a spare room into a den might just be the best home decision you ever made (besides purchasing quality cabinets from the RTA Store)! Clean out the area of bedroom furniture and décor, and give the walls a fresh coat of paint.

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Find A Purpose

Will your new den be used as a TV room, a home theatre, a play area, a man cave, a library, or a combination of any and all of these things? Before you begin, make sure you know the purpose of your space, and shop accordingly. Extra TV room, play area or man cave? You’ll need a big television and TV room cabinetry to keep things organized. Like to read? Make sure your cabinets have plenty of shelves for books.

Shop Smart

Once you settle on the room location and the purpose of your den, you can begin the transformation with ready to assemble or pre assembled TV room cabinetry. When you shop at The RTA Store, not only will you save money, but you’ll also get a free room design consultation with a custom layout, photorealistic renderings, and an itemized list of what you’ll need and what it will cost.

Den Necessities

Now that you have quality cabinets for your den, it’s time to fill your space with other den necessities. Look for a coffee table, end tables, and a comfortable sofa that compliments your new space. If you’re worried about the occasional houseguest, consider purchasing a sofa with a pullout bed.














Creature Comforts

Now that you have furnished your new space, add those warm touches that befit a den, such as cozy blankets, fluffy throw pillows, wall art, and personalized décor. A den should be a place you and your family want to spend time in, and when properly furnished and decorated, will surely see way more use than an empty and idle spare bedroom.


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