How To Mix Cabinet Colors

Now, more than ever, homeowners are looking for fun new ways to transform their homes. A great way to make an impression is by introducing color into your kitchen! Choosing colored cabinets may seem like a risky move to make in your home. But when done right, it can truly give your space a one-of-a-kind, custom look. While monochromatic cabinets will always be in style, don’t shy away from mixing colors!

When done correctly, this trend can add even more visual interest to your kitchen space. You can add a pop of color to your island, or choose to mix and match your uppers and lowers, but be sure to keep the following in mind when choosing to mix your kitchen cabinet colors:

Choose complementary colors. When you decide to make the move and add mixed colors to your kitchen cabinets, finding colors that complement one another is always a safe place to start. This will ensure that the flow of the space is still harmonious, and reduces the risk of design flaws. Sessions College has a color wheel calculator, that will help you pick the perfect blend of colors! Some of the combinations may shock you, but when paired together, create a beautiful matchup.

Mixing wood tones. This is a safer way to mix up your cabinets! Mixing neutrals such as light wood grain for your uppers and lowers, and adding a bold and dramatic statement like a dark mahogany island, will create wonderful visual interest without taking too much of a risk with color.

Did you know that we offer custom colors, and we can have a fun tool that lets you choose from over 1000 different Sherwin Williams colors! See first hand how these colors will look with our digital custom color tool.

If you are still feeling unsure of how to mix colors in your kitchen, our design team is here to help! Get started on your project today! We can’t wait to help you add a little, or a lot of color to your space!