2021 Kitchen Trends

Each year, we look forward to the upcoming home trends, especially in the kitchen! This year, there are some beautiful, yet unexpected changes and plenty of nods to classic trends that have us feeling very nostalgic. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite trends of this year so far, and we hope that you’ll love them too!

Incorporating Color- There is no surprise here, and we’ve discussed this before on the blog in our post about mixing cabinet colors! (insert link) While an all-white kitchen is a timeless, evergreen trend, color has made its way into the design scene, and we are sure that it is here to stay. Color is showing up in all sorts of ways. Currently Trending: Mixing metals has become a newer trend making a big splash in 2021 kitchen designs. Moody blues and greens paired with funky textures like patterned wallpaper are paired with these metals to create an unexpected yet cool look.

Showing Off Your Uppers- A major trend this year that has a lot of people rethinking the way they design their kitchen, are uppers that are showing off your most loved pieces. This is showing up in many different ways. Your beautiful keepsakes can take center stage in your kitchen design from glass doors to ditching uppers altogether and opting for open shelving. We show you how to style your exposed uppers here. Another hot new take on uppers: Peek boo mesh screens, that when inserted into doors, show a hint of what’s inside, but still offer the privacy you need. This is a fun, funky trend that we love!

Using Marble- Marble is a classic material that is here to stay. It has been on trend for quite some time, being an extremely sought-after kitchen must-have. Marble is now reinventing itself in kitchens with the gaining popularity of waterfall islands, which are a true statement piece that meshes well with both modern and classic aesthetics. We are also seeing the textile being used in showstopping displays covering floor to ceiling and becoming the star of many modern kitchens.

Mid-Century Modern- Mid Century kitchens may have been a thing of the past, but is showing up in new fresh ways in kitchens all over! Homeowners are taking this retro favorite, and modernizing it with the use of sleep appliances and modern counters. Dark woods paired with white marble walls give the mid-century trend a fun new twist on an old classic.

We are always excited to see trends evolve and change at The RTA Store, and have all of your kitchen needs taken care of! Whether it’s a classic, traditional kitchen, or you are looking for something more fun and trendy, our design team has you covered!