Holiday Open House

How To Host A Holiday Open House

If you dream of hosting a holiday gathering, but the reality of it seems intimidating, an Open House might just be the perfect compromise. This casual style of getting together takes the hard work out of hosting. You don’t need a fancy theme or a 4-course sit down dinner to entertain. All you need is an open door, an open heart, a well-stocked pantry cabinet, and a little planning. Here are some festive ideas to get the party started!


What is an Open House?

As the name suggests, and Open House means the door to your home is open to guests. Since there isn’t a strict timetable for dinner and dessert, the mood is friendly and casual. Friends, neighbors, and relatives can drop by between a set time period and stay as little or as long as they like. Just be clear about your time frame in the invitation so guests don’t overstay their welcome.


Kitchen Island with Holiday Hors D’oeuvresThe more the merrier!

Start by choosing a date that avoids other holiday scheduling conflicts. If you are inviting children consider an afternoon instead of an evening party. If you are serving a meal, be sure to let your guests know.

Whether you send an invitation in the mail or online, provide clear directions to your home and parking instructions. Make sure to keep record of everyone you have invited, and ask them to RSVP at least a few days before the Open House. The more the merrier!


Include something for everyone.

Kitchen islands are ideal for serving a buffet-style meal, or a decadent dessert bar. But if chafing dishes and cheesecake aren’t your style, simple holiday hors d’oeuvres, dips, and cookie trays will also do the trick. Add a few festive decorations to your kitchen island, and top it with favorite holidays goodies to share. And don’t forget a few healthy options too, such as a crudité platter. When planning your menu, think simple, no-fuss foods that you can make ahead of time.


Don’t forget the holiday cheer.

Solid Black Granite Top Kitchen Cart/IslandSet up beverage stations in multiple locations throughout your home to encourage guests to mix and mingle. For example, keep the holiday punch and eggnog in the dining room, set up sodas and juice in the kitchen near the ice, and keep wine on a portable cart in the living room.

Use a tool like evite’s drink calculator to determine how many beverages you need for your party. And be sure to remember the plastic party cups, utensils, and paper goods when you shop!


On the day of your Open House, make sure you have plenty of seating for visitors. Designate a room or area for coats and bags, and any host or hostess gifts you might receive. Stock your powder room or guest bath with extra rolls of toilet paper, fresh towels, and festive holiday soaps. And be sure to have someone at the door to greet guests as they arrive!


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