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5 Clever Ways To Customize A Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can add functionality and flair to the kitchen, especially when you make it your own. Here, we’ll share five tips to inspire you to customize your kitchen island so that it looks right at home in your space. 


Society Shaker Tidewater - The RTA Store1. Incorporate some color.


Most kitchen islands and carts come in standard colors such as white, black or natural wood tones. While these finishes are all beautiful and versatile, they may not be what you want. Take advantage of The RTA Store’s vast selection and free kitchen design service to see how mix and match finishes, and the addition of a colorful island, would look in your home. Opt for neutral schemes with a complimentary pop of color, such as crisp Roosevelt White cabinets paired with a Roosevelt Sage island, or rich Society Shaker Black cabinets paired with a Society Shaker island in a Tidewater blue finish.


2. Add a little texture.


Another way to customize your kitchen island is to add some texture, with the help of decorative end panels, corbels, moldings and trim. Or find an element in your kitchen that you love, such as shiplap paneling or tile, and install that same material to the sides of your island — a creative DIY project that highlights one of your favorite design features in the room.


Whitestone Shaker - The RTA Store3. Find affordable kitchen island stools and give them the custom treatment.  


Search resale outlets or online retailers to find stools that can help enhance the look of your kitchen island without spending a fortune. Then give them a custom treatment that only looks expensive, with the help of stain or paint, and some fabric. By changing the color or upholstering, you can make those standard stools uniquely customized for your kitchen. Both are easy DIY projects that you can tackle yourself, and you’ll be surprised at how much this small addition can affect the look and feel of your kitchen island.


4. Add utility and organization by giving your island a purpose.


Most homeowners invest in an island or cart to make their kitchen more functional. Some common reasons include obtaining extra countertop space, adding more storage, building an island bar, or needing additional seating. Once you designate a purpose for your island, such as a breakfast bar or prep station, you can add some customized touches to the island and its surrounding area. If you’re going to use your island as a minibar, for example, you might want to install a chandelier or decorative light fixture directly above to make it more of an attraction. If the island is more for meal prep, or a baking station, add helpful inside cabinet accessories such as a heavy-duty mixer lift, door mounted cutting board, or trimmable knife block. If the island will serve as additional seating, consider setting it with plates and linens that match the theme of the room. This will make the island feel more purposeful, and also be welcoming to guests.


Lakewood White - The RTA Store5. Turn your island into a wine lover’s paradise.


Many islands come with wine racks or offer the option to include one. If you’re a wine lover, this is a great way to neatly store bottles and also enhance your island’s design. You may even want to consider replacing one section of cabinets with a wine cooler to keep your favorites at the perfect temperature. These additions can be part of your island bar, or simply as features in an island with a different function.


As you can see, there are many different ways to customize a kitchen island to make it your own. To find your perfect kitchen island, visit us online at The RTA Store.



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