Spice Up Your Kitchen With Open Shelving | The RTA Store

Many homeowners that have traditional kitchen cabinets in their kitchen are looking for a way to change up the current theme and create a new look. If you don’t want to replace your kitchen cabinets with new ones, but at the same time are seeking something different, open shelving might be the solution for you.

You can use open shelving throughout your entire kitchen, or simply use it as an accent. Either way, spicing up your kitchen with open shelving and inside cabinet accessories is an easy and affordable way to drastically transform the style of your kitchen.

Full Open Shelving

Featuring open shelving throughout your kitchen is a new trend that is gaining popularity in home design. This look removes closed-door kitchen cabinets from the picture and replaces them entirely with open shelving. You can achieve this look with floating shelves, which can be stacked in rows or any formation you choose.

Another option is to use the skeleton of your kitchen cabinets and simply remove the doors, as seen here on the DYI Network. Obviously not all kitchen cabinets are created equally and it is likely that you won’t just be able to remove the doors. But with some minor finishing touches, you can create open
shelving with your current kitchen cabinets.

Open Shelving As An Accent

Open shelving is great for expanding storage, but it can also enhance the style of your kitchen by adding function and flair. Incorporating a few open shelves in your kitchen can change up a monotone look and create space for you to place décor that will add to your design.

To create this look you will keep all or the majority of your kitchen cabinets, and dedicate either one wall or small area to open shelves.

Those who choose to use open shelving as an accent usually line shelves with decorative pieces, like artfully stacked cookbooks and ceramic or intricately designed bowls. You can also purchase display stands to showcase beautiful plates that might complement your kitchen’s theme. Picture frames, candles, and flower vases are a few other items to create your new look.

Benefits Of Open Shelving

Whether you choose to do away with closed-door kitchen cabinets completely, or simply use open shelving as a way to break up the look of your kitchen, there are may overall benefits.  

  • Open shelving provides easy access to practical everyday items, such as cups, plates and bowls.
  • You may notice that your kitchen feels more open and spacious with the new design.
  • You will have many customizing option, such as adding new colors to your kitchen or enhancing décor without cluttering countertops and tables.
  • Many homeowners find that they were able to utilize unused space with open shelving, now that they can use the space as storage and a way of decorating.
  • People that love to cook find having their cookbooks on display inspiring and makes preparing meals easier.