Shaker Cabinets: 5 Reasons Why They’re Still a Kitchen Classic

If you’re searching for kitchen cabinets that will stay in style for years to come—Shaker cabinets may be just what you’re looking for. This classic cabinet style is named after the religious group, the Shakers that created the style back in the 18th century. Now, hundreds of years later, Shaker cabinets are still sought after to bring a timeless look to the kitchen. Here are five reasons why Shaker cabinets are still kitchen classics.


1. They use a simple construction method.

Shaker cabinets are simple, but still aesthetically pleasing. They are made using frame and panel construction, also known as rail and stile. The flat, center panel is recessed and surrounded by a simple frame that lacks ornamentation. The hinges are usually hidden, which creates a more seamless appearance. 


2. They go with different kitchen styles.

Shaker cabinets are unique because they look good in traditional and modern kitchens. Shaker cabinets pair well with marble countertops and luxe details usually found in traditional kitchens, but their clean lines and simple design also fit well in streamlined, modern kitchens. In addition, they work well in transitional kitchens if you find your style is somewhere between traditional and modern. 


3. They look good painted or stained. 

Whether you like light-colored or dark-colored kitchen cabinets, you can find Shaker cabinets that fit the look you’re going for. Go for a classic look with white Shaker cabinets or go more modern with grey Shaker cabinets. Black is also another popular color for this style, or, if you like the natural look, go for stained Shaker cabinets. 


4. They look good with many types of hardware. 

Finding the perfect cabinet pulls and knobs can be difficult, but the simplicity of Shaker style cabinets makes it easier because a lot of hardware styles go with it. Satin nickel knobs and bar pulls pop against white or black Shaker cabinets. Go for bin pulls on lower cabinet drawers for a more retro look or try black metal pulls against stained or white Shaker cabinets for a more traditional look. 


5. They’re affordable!

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