6 Trusty Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

Whether your kitchen is a narrow galley kitchen or a larger industrial one—there’s always room for more organization! Here at TheRTAStore.com we have a great selection of kitchen storage accessories that’ll help control the chaos in the kitchen that can happen from time to time. Here are six of our trustiest organizational tips for streamlining your kitchen:
1. Whip your drawers into shape
If your flatware, cutlery, and spice collection are floating around freely in your kitchen drawers, try putting them in their place with drawer organizers. Sort out your spoons, forks, knives, and serving utensils using our trimmable cutlery trays that can be customized to fit your drawers. They’re made from real hardwood maple for a long lasting organizational solution.

2. Group ingredients/cookware together by use
If you love to bake, why not store all of your ingredients together in the same place? Round up items like flour, sugar, baking powder, and baking soda and keep them together in a storage bin or grouped together in a cabinet. Same goes for baking pans, pie plates, etc. That way when you go to make a cake you don’t have to search all over your kitchen for the things you need.

3. Give your stand mixer a lift
Speaking of baking, it’s officially the baking season and that means your stand mixer is going to get a workout. Your arms will too if you have to lug it out of the cabinet every time you need to use it—that is unless you have enough counter space to keep in out 24/7. However, a stand mixer takes up prime real estate on your counters. Instead, let our mixer lift up do the heavy lifting for you. It can support up to 60 pounds, plus it has right and left lifting arms to fit your needs. When you’re not using the mixer it folds away into a cabinet.

4. Store cookware close to where you use it
This trusty tip is similar to number two. The idea is to store pots, pans, and utensils as close to the place you use them as possible. This is especially helpful if you have a large kitchen. For example, keep a utensil crock by the stove top, that way the right utensil will always be within reach!
5. Make bins your new best friends
If you have a pantry, then bins are an easy way to organize packaged food. Be sure to label each bin for easy identification. Go for plastic instead of cloth covered bins because they are easier to wipe out—just in case anything springs a leak.
6. Don’t let any space go to waste
If you have a small kitchen, then you know the importance of every square inch. Even if you think there’s not an inch of space left, we bet there is. Turn those faux drawers in front of the sink into actual storage space for sponges, scrubbers, and other small kitchen accessories with our set of trays and hinges!