6 Ways To De-Clutter Your Kitchen For The Holidays

The holidays are equally the most festive and stressful time of year. Schedule in parties, extra houseguests, and meals that require weeks of planning and your merriment can quickly be replaced with full on panic. And your kitchen seems to get the brunt of it.

To help you prepare for all the holiday traffic your kitchen is about to encounter, here are six ways to de-clutter that won’t put any additional weight on your shoulders.

1. Throw Out Excess And Unused Items

In the same way you purge your closet every few months or so, now is a great time to give your kitchen a once over. That chipped flour container sitting on the floor of your pantry? Those plates you replaced but are still holding on to? If it’s broken or you haven’t used it in over a year, that’s a good sign you won’t miss it. Take this occasion to rid your kitchen of excess and unused items, and make finding what you do need that much easier.

2. Clear Out Small Appliances

Take an honest look at how often you use the appliances on your countertop. If you only use your blender to whip up frozen margaritas on Cinco de Mayo, it’s probably safe to put it in your pantry for the time being. Clearing your kitchen countertops of any appliance that isn’t used daily (or at least weekly), will make holiday food prep, baking and entertaining a lot less messy.

3. Get Pots And Pans Out Of Your Drawers

A hanging pot rack might just change your life. Installed above a kitchen island or another open space, pots and pans can be hung along the rod freeing up ample room in kitchen cabinets and drawers. As a rule of thumb, avoid hanging pieces that you rarely use since items left idle can accumulate dust over time.

4. Invest In A Portable Island

Speaking of kitchen islands, a portable island or cart is a great addition to your kitchen this time of year. Whether you’re in need of a designated bar area or just a little extra countertop and storage space, a kitchen island or cart can solve multiple holiday woes.

5. Start Making Lists

Find an organization system that works for you, whether it’s getting a magnetic wipe off board to hang up on your refrigerator or utilizing a shopping app like Grocery iQ or Out of Milk. You’ll be surprised how much smoother the holidays are when you have a means for keeping track of groceries, planning for upcoming parties and posting reminders. Making lists ahead of time will ensure you have everything you need when you need it and avoid “day-of” disasters.

6. Organize Cabinets And Drawers

After you’ve eliminated a lot of the unnecessary items in your kitchen, take into account what you do have with some handy organization solutions. There are many kitchen accessories available at TheRTAStore, from tray dividers to shelving systems that will improve the efficiency and organization of your kitchen. Installation is easy and the results are well worth the five-minute DIY project.

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