How To Design A Colorful Kids’ Bathroom

You may love the look of a cool and contemporary bathroom with a neutral color palette, but most kids appreciate a little more color — okay, a lot more color! Luckily, it is easier than ever to design a colorful bathroom that is still totally tasteful. Custom cabinets are available in any color you can imagine these days, and there are so many bright and beautiful backsplashes to choose from. Keep reading for our guide on how to design an adult-approved version of your kid’s dream bathroom — rainbow colors and all.

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Create a layout that is color friendly.

Too much color can actually create the illusion of clutter. Even a large, spacious bathroom can suddenly feel cramped. To counteract this effect, create a layout that has natural “gaps” around furniture. This is very common in modern design, and there are a few ways you can achieve more openness.

One way is to opt for open shelving rather than installing wall cabinets. Limit your bathroom cabinetry to base cabinets, and then mount a few open shelves around your vanity mirror. This will instantly make the room feel more spacious without sacrificing storage.

Another easy way to create natural “gaps” is with wall-mounted accessories. You can find wall-mounted faucets and toilets, which eliminates an unnecessary aspect of their design and gives you more space.

You can also go with a freestanding bathtub, rather than one built for a three-wall alcove, and airy vessel sinks. Not only does this style of tub create more empty space, but it also looks incredibly chic, while tempered glass vessel sinks offer an opportunity to add a fun pop of color.

Opt for colored custom cabinets rather than painting walls.

Brightly colored walls can be a bit off-putting. It’s not that the color isn’t great. But when the walls are the loudest part of a room, it can make things feel unbalanced. Alternatively, incorporating the vibrant hues your kid loves through bathroom cabinetry is a lot less overwhelming. Bathroom cabinets are always a focal point, and a touch of color just makes them more eye-catching.

Need some help finding the perfect color for your cabinets? Take a look at The RTA Store’s custom paints for cabinets. We offer hundreds of color options from Sherwin Williams and can help you find the perfect shade for your kids’ bathroom. Just reach out to our design team with questions.

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Choose a backsplash in a complementary color.

Colorful backsplashes are another way to subtly introduce color into the room. You can pick a shade complementary to your custom cabinets, or go with a lighter shade. If you’re not fond of color schemes with multiple bold hues, incorporating different shades of the same color can be a good compromise. This is a less direct, more minimalistic approach to achieving a colorful kids’ bathroom.

Further, if you’re still not sold on colorful cabinets, you can always choose a more neutral shade for you bathroom cabinetry and add color to the walls with your backsplash. From bright ruby red to more subtle mint green, The RTA Store stocks a wide variety of colorful backsplash tile that will ensure both you and your kids are happy with the end result.


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