Pullout shelving can help those with limited mobility reach items without bending or climbing.

Role Reversal: Preparing to Care for an Elderly Parent

Once you become the one taking care of your parent, you have a lot to consider for their home environment. You want to make sure they feel as safe and secure as possible and that you're minimizing the risk of potentially dangerous incidents. Two of the most common spaces in the house for accidents are the bathroom and the kitchen, but we've got you covered!

Bathroom Safety Features

Starting with the bathroom floor, you can lessen the risk of slips and falls with carpet or bath mats outside of the shower/bath and a non-slip shower mat inside the shower/bath. You might think about installing a walk-in bathtub as well so that your parent can easily get in and out without assistance.

Inside the shower, a double rail handle will help your parent hold onto something if needed. A shower chair is a great option if they feel as if they might need to hold onto something the entire time or need to take a rest. The option to use a hand-held showerhead allows them to bring the shower head to them whether they are sitting or standing. The bathroom vanity should also be the appropriate height for them and provide the amount of surface area and storage they need.

Kitchen Safety Considerations

In the kitchen, place plenty of mats to avoid slips, but here the major concerns are the risk of fire and falling from being unable to reach items. Induction cooktops will prevent the risk of fire and electrocution. It's also important to think about the height and functions of the kitchen cabinets. It's typically helpful for the elderly to have pullout surfaces and shelving. Pullout waste baskets are one example. Most importantly, they need to be able to reach what is in the cabinets without climbing. Smaller accessories include a table tray, blender, and jar opener.


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