Use natural light to brighten up your kitchen whenever possible, according to HGTV.

Eco-Friendly Ways to Renovate Your Kitchen

Looking for ways to go green in your kitchen? From the appliances you use to the decor you choose, your kitchen design can have a big impact on the environment. Here's our breakdown of the best ways to save resources and energy when you renovate your kitchen.

Lighting: Use natural light to brighten up your kitchen whenever possible, according to HGTV. When you need some more light, cut the energy use in half and save yourself a couple bucks each month by using fluorescent bulbs.  

Decor: Man-made fabrics are made with chemicals that harm the environment, so HGTV says natural fibers like cotton and wool are best for kitchen decor, like window treatments and seat cushions.

Appliances: With any appliance, an Energy Star rating lets you know the appliance saves about 25 percent more energy than a conventional appliance, according to HouseLogic. When selecting a dishwasher, find an appliance with an energy-saving cycle or a quick wash cycle. Even your sink configuration can make an impact. Install an under-the-counter water purifier instead of using a faucet-mounted design. 

Looking for a new refrigerator? HouseLogic says stacked top and bottom freezer and refrigerator units are better than their side-by-side counterparts since they can keep more cold air from escaping. If you're choosing between models, go for a newer model with the latest technology, as manufacturers are always working to improve efficiency.

When deciding what type of oven to install, consider that convection ovens cook food 25 percent faster than a conventional oven, according to HGTV, saving you both time and resources. Holding off on buying a new refrigerator? Test your refrigerator's seal by closing a dollar bill in the door and pulling it out. If it slides out easily, you'll know you need to replace the seal to help keep cold air in.

All in all, the best way to save resources is to buy long-lasting appliances, according to the Boston Globe. Less durable models will have to be replaced sooner, and more resources will have be used to make new appliances.

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