2021 Home Office Trends

The home office has quickly become a coveted space in homes as of late. With the last two years making way for many to adapt to a new work-from-home lifestyle, these spaces have been a top priority on the list for must-have spaces in a home.

Work from home spaces has now become a way for employees to create a space where they can work at their best, and express their creative individuality through style. From dedicated “Zoom Rooms” to smaller spaces that are multi-functional, there is no doubt that the work-from-home lifestyle is going anywhere any time soon, so why not have fun with your space? We are breaking down our favorite 2021 Home Office Trends for you here on the blog:

Color, color, color! 2021 home trends are showing up light and bright, fun and quirky, or deep and moody, and in all rooms of the home, including the home office. Some go for a more monochromatic look, choosing a focal color in which all of their office stylings are centered around. From post-its to staplers, the monochrome trend is a fun way to create a uniform look in your office space. Mix and matching materials and textures are also trending at the moment, and are another great way to bring a funky vibe to your space and make it feel authentically you!

Neutral and clean. Some prefer the ease and calm that come from a very natural, neutral work aesthetic. Clean lines, zero clutter, and a neutral color palette take center stage here in this style. Eliminating distractions and taking a minimalistic approach is a great way to ramp up productivity, and provides a great backdrop for professional interactions that may virtually occur.

Home Integration. Some wish to integrate their space into another focal part of their living quarters, to allow comfort and multifunctionality to come alive in their workspace. Whether it’s a living room nook, or a designated seat at the dining room table, choosing a blended work from home setting will allow you to have the work-life balance that you need while still getting the job done.

Custom and functionality. Custom offices are quickly becoming a major wish list item for many homeowners. By using cabinetry that doubles as a home office with the capability to create storage solutions in a stylish and sophisticated way, is a great way to integrate an office into your home. From custom built-ins to cabinets that are meant to conceal the workspace after a long day, cabinets are the way to go if function and storage are your top concern.

At TheRTAStore.com We have an incredible selection of cabinetry that can help integrate your workspace needs into a space that checks off every box! Our design team is dedicated to ensuring that your needs are met when choosing to design a home office. Get started today with our design team, and we will be sure to create a home office space to suit your work from home style!