Best Cabinets For a Vintage Kitchen

Best Cabinets for a Vintage Kitchen

Vintage vibes in your kitchen can come from farmhouse sinks, busy print wallpaper, retro tile, throwback appliances and – the pièce de résistance – perfect cabinets for that ginchy kitchen wow factor. When it comes to jaw-dropping, vintage kitchen design, cabinets can really make or break the theme. That’s where The RTA Store comes in. Take a look at why we love vintage kitchens and how to get those timeless cabinets just right.

Vintage Kitchens – What’s the Big Deal?

Inspired by days gone by, vintage kitchens take the word cozy to new levels. They paint a picture of moms and dads sipping coffee at a little corner table while handwriting grocery lists and watching the kids play in the backyard. Families gather around, waiting to slice into grandma’s homemade banana bread—even though her recipe is taped to the inside of one of those cabinets—while the family dog lies in wait under the table.

Vintage kitchens are not only reminiscent of an earlier era; they’re also charming and give us all the feels of a simpler time full of life and graced with style.

Choices in Vintage Cabinetry

If you’re serious about going retro and taking your kitchen back in time, one of the most important decisions you can make is in your cabinetry. Luckily, most kitchen cabinets can take on the vintage vibe if done correctly. From shaker style to paneled cabinets, the choices are virtually endless. The important thing is to get the finish and hardware right when embarking on a vintage kitchen cabinet renovation.

Kitchen Cabinet Finishes for a Vintage Look

Turn back the hands of time and visualize distressed, over-sanded cabinets, rich in both color and beauty. Depending on the exact look you’re going for, finishes that will give your cabinets that perfect vintage look and feel can vary. Some of our favorite finishes include:

  • Natural wood with antiquing glaze
  • Brightly colored mint green, pale blue, dusty rose or lemon yellow paint – give our Society Shaker in Sage or Tidewater a look
  • Antique whites: check out our Cambridge Antique White Glaze
  • Rustic, natural wood

To really finish the cabinetry with vintage style, remember the hardware. From multi-designed ceramic knobs to farmhouse hinges, the hardware you choose for your vintage kitchen cabinets will truly seal the look.

Timeless Style Blended with Vintage and Modern Décor

These days, it can sometimes be tricky to distinguish between vintage and modern – especially with so many “vintage” appliances, tiles and backsplashes out there that hit the shelves this decade. A fun way to combine the two is to stick with a color scheme and add the right balance between vintage and modern. Design ideas to try:

  • Modern large appliances with vintage countertop appliances
  • Vintage checkerboard flooring with modern countertops and backsplashes
  • Focusing on the vintage aspect in colors, design, appliances and blending them with smart speakers, televisions and accessories
  • A vintage statement piece that contrasts with the modern décor, or the other way around

Small Décor for Your Vintage Kitchen

From rooster centerpieces and hang-on-the-wall grandfather clocks to vintage toasters and throwback coffee pots, it’s the little touches like these that will complete the look of your vintage kitchen. A few of our favorite ideas include:

  • Metal canisters with coffee, flour and sugar written on them
  • Dinner bell hanging near the kitchen entryway
  • Fun, retro aprons on wall hooks
  • Shabby yet chic plastic fruit in a brightly-colored metal dish
  • Polka-dotted window valance to match the retro room hues

The bottom line is to have fun with your vintage kitchen renovation. Make sure you perfect those cabinets – after all, those will be conversation starters – and at the end of the day, just enjoy your space!