5 Creative Tile Patterns for Bathrooms

Tile can be arranged in a variety of patterns and designs to create beautiful walls and floors in your bathroom. Don’t be afraid to shy away from the standard formations. Step away from the norm and check out these five creative tile patterns for bathrooms.

1. Use glass tile to accent a wall of ceramic subway tile.

Glass tile can be expensive but you can incorporate it into a classic ceramic subway design as an accent to get an interesting look without breaking your budget. For a simple design use the glass tile as a divider, creating a straight line through the middle of the wall. With this pattern, you can use any size glass tile and even double up the line if the dimensions of the tile you like are very small. Another idea, one that includes the same size ceramic and glass tile, places one glass tile in each vertical column so that no glass tiles appear in the same horizontal row. This creates a cohesive confetti look that lets you incorporate color or dimension into your subway design.

2. Splurge on basket-weave tile for a big statement bathroom.

Although some varieties of basket-weave tile can be a bit pricy, the results make a bold statement wherever they are used—even when only covering very small areas. We love basket-weave tile as a border, used to highlight the mirrors above bathroom vanities. You can also incorporate this look into your bathroom floor by creating a pathway where the basket-weave tile is bordered by another variety of tile.

3. Let your bathroom shine with sparkling gold accents.

Gilded bathrooms are all the rage in modern and contemporary homes, and you can take this trend one step further by using metallic paillette tiles on your bathroom walls. A unique pattern complements clean white styles of bathroom vanities and simplistic themes, creating a feel that is both glamorous and futuristic.

4. Meet halfway with tiled walls.

If you don’t want to commit to tiling an entire wall, consider keeping walls painted and using tile simply as an accent. Tile can be used solely above bathroom vanities to create an interesting backsplash, or on the lower half of walls for a half wall tile design. In this scenario, your tile becomes a focal point and adds dimensions to your walls without having to mix and match different styles of tile.

5. Get geometric with out of the box tile patterns.  

If you are looking for a creative tile pattern, look to shapes. By using two different colors (or styles) of tile, you can add a punch to your bathroom walls or floors with patterns modeled after shapes. The best ways to achieve a geometric design is with small and repetitive shapes, using tile to form diamonds or squares and continuing the design around your bathroom for a cohesive look. Alternatively you can create a simple pattern that is predominantly your one style of tile, interrupted only by oversized square or rectangle formations.

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