5 Bathroom Design Tips For Tweens And Teens

Teenagers are notorious for hogging the bathroom, so why not give them a designated space to call their own? From quality cabinets and practical accessories, to on-point decor, here are five bathroom design tips for teens and tweens.

1-15-21 RTA2-Heather Grey ShakerChoose the best bathroom cabinets for older kids.

Kids of all ages can be rough on a home, so durable, quality cabinets are a must. The best bathroom cabinets for older kids should feature wood and plywood or MDF construction for strength, dovetailed joints, soft close doors and drawers, easy to clean countertops, and a finish that is made to resist chips and scratches. Look for CARB2 compliance for safety, and if you have more than one child sharing a bathroom, be sure to include a double vanity for extra space when getting ready for school or bed.

Work together DIY-style to save money.

Teens and tweens are old enough to help around the house, so invite them to pitch in on a DIY project to keep costs low. Ready to assemble quality cabinets are affordable and easy to install with just a few simple tools, and we can’t think of a more rewarding way to spend quality time together and teach your child some life skills along the way!

Remember that your kids are still growing.

If you are starting from scratch, consider adding a comfort height toilet. Typically 17-19 inches high (as compared to a 15 inch standard height toilet), this feature is smart for kids with an imminent growth spurt on the horizon. The same goes for countertops. Growing kids should have bathroom elements that are appropriately scaled, so be sure to measure your child and your room before you begin your design.

1-15-21 RTA-Outlet Grooming OrganizerKeep it practical.

When designing a bathroom for teens and tweens, opt for durable materials and practical features. Here are some essentials to include on your shopping list, in addition to quality cabinets:

If you have wiggle room in your budget, options like radiant floor heating, or inside cabinet accessories like this clutter-cutting outlet grooming organizer and pull out hamper, are a nice (and highly functional) touch. 

Make it stylish.

Every child is unique, so take the opportunity to personalize their bathroom with on-point decor and their favorite color palette. And remember — just because this bathroom is tailored to teens, that doesn’t mean it has to stick out like a sore thumb in the home. Take this kid-friendly but elegant bathroom design recently spotlighted by HGTV, for example. It successfully bridges the gap between a grown-up and youthful space while still suiting the design style of the rest of the house.


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