Are All White Kitchens Still On Trend?

Are white kitchens still on trend? Our answer is YES! If you are considering a kitchen renovation, first and foremost it’s important to note that you should always choose a design that makes you as the homeowner, happy! Although trends are ever-changing, we do not see white kitchens going anywhere, any time soon. Here’s why:

Having a white kitchen does not mean you cant find other ways to incorporate color. A white kitchen is a perfect backdrop to mix it up when choosing other materials, such as paints, textiles, and hardware. Fun accessories pop even more when contrasted with all-white cabinets and counters.

If you are considering selling your home in the future, a white kitchen is an excellent choice. Certain trends won’t appeal to everyone, but a white kitchen is a blank canvas that will allow a potential homebuyer to envision how they would style the space.

White kitchens are light and airy, and will always give a sense of tranquility and calm. The kitchen is a gathering place and evoking a bright and airy vibe is sure to please you and your guest while spending time in the hub of the home.

At The RTA Store, we have a dedicated team of design professionals who can help you design the perfect all-white kitchen for your home. White Kitchens stand the test of time, fit in with multiple home aesthetics, and is a classic design choice that is not going anywhere anytime soon!