Make the most of your mudroom

Make the Most of Your Mudroom

Anyone with a mudroom knows how much of a sanity saver they can be. This room provides the ideal rest stop where adults and kids alike can leave snowsuits, mud-covered rain boots and anything else you don’t want taken into the rest of the house.

While mudrooms help us transition from our outdoor adventures back into our homes without making a mess, to get the most out of them they need to have the proper setup. Follow our tips below for creating an efficient mudroom that works for you.

#1: Identify Your Storage Needs

First, you need to consider the size of your family since your mudroom storage needs will be determined by the amount of space needed for each family member’s coats, bags, shoes and other belongings. Once you know how much space you need for each person, you can plan accordingly.

#2: Use Bins and Baskets

Open storage solutions such as bins and baskets are a great way to maximize your space and are especially helpful in smaller spaces. Keep daily outerwear and accessories such as hats, gloves, umbrellas and sports gear in designated baskets and bins so everyone will be able to quickly and easily find what they need. And you’ll avoid having a mudroom that looks like a tornado came through it!

#3: Install Cabinets

Cabinets are a smart mudroom storage solution. If you don’t want to have coats, gear and other belongings on display for all to see, especially when they’re not in season, cabinets will keep everything out of sight and give your mudroom a clean, neat look and feel.

#4: Get Sufficient Lighting

Having enough light in your mudroom is essential for being able to locate items you need without any hassle. Depending on the size of your space and your design style, you may choose to go with pendant lights, task recessed lighting, a standing lamp or a combination.

#5: Make it Multi-Functional

Think about what other functions can be set up in your mudroom. Do you have enough room to also have it be your laundry room? Is there an area that can be utilized as a craft space? Perhaps it can also serve as your family’s message center, with a place for mail, a cork board for hanging important school and activity announcements and a dry erase board for leaving notes to one another.

Once your mudroom is organized in a way that bests suits your space and lifestyle, you’ll be amazed at how much simpler it will make your day-to-day comings and goings!