3 Simple Summer Seafood Recipes

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy seafood! These summer seafood recipes incorporate fresh summer herbs and veggies into simple meals that the whole family will love. You can even eat out on the deck and take advantage of the extra hours of sunshine!

Mahi-Mahi Tacos

Fish tacos can’t be beat after a day of surfing the waves and playing in the sand! Start by heating the grill to medium-high. Brush skinless mahi-mahi filets with extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. Lay the fish on the grill, rounded-side down, and cook for five minutes or until the fish no longer sticks to the grill. Gently flip the mahi-mahi and continue to cook for another five minutes until firm to the touch.

While your fish is grilling, shred some green cabbage and dice some fresh tomatoes. Once done, add the grilled fish to soft tortillas and top with shredded cabbage, diced tomatoes, Monterey Jack cheese, and avocado slices. Garnish with fresh lime wedges and serve with a side of black beans.

Tilapia With Fresh Basil Walnut Pesto

Growing fresh herbs is a summer tradition, and one of the most popular and versatile plants is basil. If you have not grown your own basil, now is the time to start. However, seasoned gardeners know this fragrant, easy-to-grow herb can quickly overtake a pot or garden. Before your basil gets tough and stalky, trim it down and make some fresh basil walnut pesto paired with tilapia!

In a food processor, combine 2 cups of fresh basil, ½ cup of extra virgin olive oil, ½ cup of chopped walnuts, 1 large (or 2 small) cloves of garlic, ½ cup of grated Parmesan cheese, and ½ teaspoon of salt. Blend thoroughly until smooth, adding extra oil if necessary to reach a thick sauce consistency. Set aside.

Heat canola oil in a large sauté pan over medium-high heat. Season skinless tilapia filets with salt and pepper, and add to the pan topside down. Cook for around five minutes, or until the underside is golden brown and the fish is almost cooked through. Turn the filets over and cook for an additional two minutes or so, until done.

Cook one pound of Penne pasta according to package directions, drain and toss with pesto, then top with sautéed tilapia and freshly grated Parmesan cheese for a summertime meal that will make your neighbors green with envy!

Zesty Grilled Shrimp And Summer Veggies

This easy recipe will spice up your summer nights, with fresh vegetables right from the garden or farmer’s market. Start by soaking four-inch wooden skewers in cold water for at least one hour.

Heat your grill to medium-high. Slice 2 small zucchini, 1 large sweet onion, and 2 red peppers. Toss with extra virgin olive oil, and sprinkle ¼ teaspoon garlic powder, ¼ teaspoon turmeric, and salt and pepper to taste. Add your veggies to a grill basket and place on your grill to begin cooking, stirring occasionally.

In a large bowl, toss one pound of fresh, peeled and cleaned shrimp with 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, the juice of a fresh lime, a half-teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes, and salt and pepper to taste. Toss well to coat.

Thread the shrimp onto the skewers so that the shrimp lie uniformly flat. Grill your shrimp for three minutes on each side, or until cooked though and caramelized. Remove your shrimp and veggies from the grill and serve with jasmine rice for a tropical taste of summer.

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