​5 Easy Mini Kitchen Makeover Ideas

A new kitchen is one of the best home investments in terms of ROI but a remodel can be costly. If dipping into your savings is out of the question at the moment there are still many inexpensive ways you can spruce up the room. Try these five mini makeover ideas to update your kitchen without breaking the bank (or breaking any walls down).

1. Restore old appliances.

Are old appliances an eye sore in your otherwise lovely kitchen? Look into appliance restoration, which is a process that updates the look (and even function) of your appliances. This can include removing rust, polishing finishes, or rectifying any other age related issue. Rather than replace a working but older model, restoration is a great alternative and the next best thing to new.

2. Add a backsplash to walls. 

In the same way fresh paint can perk up a room, adding a backsplash to your kitchen can be a big boost for just around $15 a square foot! Ditch the dreary and dull look and pick a backsplash in a bright color or interesting design. There are so many styles to choose from — enhance a vintage or traditional kitchen with some colorful subway tile or add a touch of elegance with a Venetian glass variety. Need some inspiration? Check out a few of the backsplash ideas we love.

3. Switch out pulls and knobs on kitchen cabinets. 

If ordering new kitchen cabinets is out of your budget right now, opt for switching out the pulls and knobs instead. Replacing the hardware on your cabinets can update the look of older models, making them appear more modern. Pieces start at just a few dollars and come in a wide range of designs and finishes to complement your kitchen theme. Since most new kitchen cabinets aren’t sold with pulls or knobs, you can also hang on to them to use when you do replace cabinets down the road.  

4. Install some open shelving or splurge on a portable island.

Sometimes space is the only thing stopping us from loving our kitchen. Whether it’s lack of storage, shelves or countertop — cramped and cluttered corridors are never welcoming. While new cabinets or an oversized island could help solve your space issue, there are also other options you can try for a quick fix. Installing a few open shelves can give you more storage space, and a portable island or rolling cart can provide another area to prep meals or whip up cocktails.

5. When all else fails, accessorize. 

A little décor can do wonders. Has your kitchen flooring weathered a bit too much traffic? Cover up with a kitchen mat or runner, which will mask chipped or worn flooring until you’re ready to replace it. Have your countertops begun to show their age? A few strategically placed canisters for holding staples like sugar and flour are functional and decorative ways to hide stains or cracks. If you have one particularly worn area, building a small appliances nook can serve as storage for your coffeemaker or toaster while also putting part of your countertop out of sight.

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