How to Make Your Bathroom Guest-Friendly | The RTA Store

Summer is a big traveling season, which means you may find yourself hosting out-of-town guests for a wedding or a long holiday weekend. As hosts, we want guests to feel at home during their stay and try our best to make them comfortable. But things can get uncomfortable in a hurry if your bathroom isn’t guest-friendly. Avoid embarrassing situations by having these 10 things in place before guests walk through the door:
#1. An extra roll of toilet paper. If you don’t have a toilet paper stand attached to your toilet paper dispenser, then make sure to keep an extra roll of toilet paper visible so guests don’t have to search for it. Keep it somewhere in within reach of the commode. If there’s nowhere to store it in plain sight, be sure to show guests where you keep it when they arrive.
#2. Deodorizing spray. Keep a bottle of air freshener out, so guests can freshen up the bathroom when they’re finished. An automatic wall air freshener is also a good idea—especially when there are kids involved.

#3. A plunger. There are few things more embarrassing for a guest than having to ask for a plunger. Keep one to the back left or right of the toilet so it’s easily accessible if needed.

#4. First choice of shower time. If there’s only one shower in your home, give your guest the option of using it first in the morning. If they decline, ask what time they normally wake up and take one before they rise.
#5. A radio or sound machine. Older homes can sometimes lack bathroom fans. If you don’t have one, keep a small radio or sound machine turned on in the bathroom so guests feel like they have privacy.
#6. Extra toiletries. Keep a small basket of travel-sized shampoos, soaps, and toothpaste for guests to use. Store in either a visible spot in the bathroom or in the guest room.

#7. Extra towels. Guests shouldn’t have to hunt for their bath towels. Put a couple fresh towels in their room or hanging on a towel bar in the bathroom so they won’t be left to drip dry!
#8. Feminine products. Having to ask for feminine products is almost as embarrassing as asking for a plunger. Keep tampons and liners in an easy to access drawer or basket in the vanity. Be sure to (discreetly) show female guests where they are kept.

#9. A clean toilet seat. If guests will be sharing a bathroom with your kids it’s a good idea to check every so often to make sure the toilet seat is clean and put down.

#10. A night light. Trying to find the bathroom at night in an unfamiliar place can be disorienting and dangerous for your toes and shins. Plug in a nightlight so guests can find their way down the hall and won’t have to turn on the harsh overhead light in the bathroom.

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