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4 Modern Range Hoods to Pair with Contemporary Cabinets

Kitchen hoods serve a very important function, but they can also provide an aesthetic element to the heart of the home. With sleek designs and shiny stainless steel, today’s modern hoods are designed to complement your contemporary cabinetry in beautiful and surprising ways.


Cavaliere-Euro UC-200 Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Mount Range Hood - The RTA StoreHere you’ll discover four styles of modern kitchen hoods, and some of our favorite picks within each from The RTA Store.


1. Under Cabinet Mount Kitchen Hoods


Discreet but effective, under cabinet mount range hoods remove unwanted steam, smoke, and odors but are barely detectable. Their thin, rectangular shape fits perfectly underneath cabinets to get the job done with minimal distraction.


A popular under cabinet style available at The RTA Store is the Cavaliere-Euro UC-200. This stainless steel under cabinet mount range hood is sleek and contemporary, with all of the latest features. Its blower is ultra quiet, two 25W Halogen bulbs illuminate the cooking surface, soft-touch push buttons make changing between its three speeds easy, and perhaps best of all, its removable aluminum mesh filters are dishwasher-safe. At under $300, this is one upgrade you don’t have to compromise on.

Cavaliere-Euro PS19-40" Insert Liner Range Hood - The RTA Store

2. Insert Liner Kitchen Hoods


If you’re looking for a range hood that is completely hidden, then you want an insert style. These range hoods are installed directly within your cabinetry, which is perfect for contemporary kitchen designs. This ultra sleek style also gives your kitchen a custom look, since you are able to match the hood cover directly to your cabinetry.


You’ll find lots of great insert styles at The RTA Store, but one particularly popular option is the Cavaliere-Euro PS19-40”. This insert liner range hood features a powerful low-noise dual chamber motor, six-speed touch controls, two 35W dimmable Halogen lights, and a stainless steel baffle filter.


3. Wall Mount Kitchen Hoods


Cavaliere-Euro AP238-PS29-30 Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood - The RTA StoreA wall mount range hood is like your traditional kitchen hood. The difference is the modern options are sleeker, much quieter, and made of stainless steel to complement your appliances. In other words, their similarities start and end with their shape and wall mount installation! Although their shape and style may be traditional, the modern versions of the wall mount kitchen hood are still a great addition to contemporary kitchen.


One selection that showcases this perfectly is the Cavaliere-Euro AP238-PS29-30. You’ll notice the shape is probably similar to your old kitchen hood, but that the stainless steel finish completely transforms it. Add in a single low-noise motor, four-speed touch sensitive control pad with LED lighting and a wireless remote control, heat-sensitive auto controls, and two 35W Halogen lights and you have the ultimate modern makeover of the traditional kitchen hood.


4. Island Mount Kitchen Hoods


Cavaliere-Euro SV218Z2-I42 Stainless Steel Island Mount Range Hood - The RTA StoreSince today’s kitchen layouts commonly feature an island, it is no surprise that the selection of hoods has also evolved to include island mount varieties. This style is mounted above a kitchen island so that you can cook over your island range with the same comforts. Island mount kitchen hoods have the same benefits and features as wall mounted styles.


Take a look at the Cavaliere-Euro SV218Z2-142 for example. This stainless steel island mount range hood features a low-noise dual chamber motor, six-speed touch sensitive control pad with LED lighting and timer function, four 35W dimmable Halogen lights, and a dishwasher safe aluminum filter. This style also comes with tons of optional upgrades to customize it to your home.



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