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5 Clever Kitchen Ideas To Help Conquer The Clutter

Kitchen clutter may seem like a never-ending battle. But you have a secret weapon — and it lies behind your cabinet doors! Strategically placed kitchen cabinet organizers can help conquer the clutter once and for all, with very little effort. Here, we’ll break it down for in five clever steps.


Chrome Base Organizer - The RTA StoreDesigning A Kitchen Built For Storage

When remodeling a kitchen, you may be focusing on style and not function. With the Free Kitchen Design Tool from The RTA Store, a professional designer will help you create a kitchen with the perfect mix of both. From pull out shelves for kitchen cabinets that utilize otherwise wasted space, to large kitchen islands with plenty of square footage to keep bakeware and small appliances within reach, we’ve got your back.


Installing Inside Cabinet Accessories

With a little planning, you can equip your kitchen with smart storage solutions to stop clutter in its tracks. Kitchen cabinet inserts like Cookware organizers, tray dividers, and door mounted spice racks let you maintain an organized kitchen with ease. You can even hide that unsightly trashcan and recycling bin with a double pull out waste container hidden stealthily behind cabinet doors.


Trimmable Knife Block - The RTA StoreDecking Out Your Drawers

Don’t let your kitchen drawers become a wasteland for silverware, cooking utensils, and miscellaneous junk. Instead, install cutlery trays, or utility trays to keep everything in its place and easy to find. A peg board system creates instant storage for dinner plates, or those tricky plastic containers, with dividers that can be rearranged as needed. A trimmable knife block keeps a cook’s most valuable tools neat and accessible in a drawer, without cluttering up valuable countertop space.


Creating Order Under The Sink

The cabinets that lie under your kitchen sink are prime storage territory. Use large plastic containers to hold spray cleaners, dishwasher tablets, and dish rags. Then add a tilt out tray in faux drawers below the sink to house scrubbing brushes and sponges that are in use.


Designating A Paper Station

Nothing clutters up a kitchen counter like mail and other important papers. Create a Headquarters for papers by adding a wall-mounted mail sorter in the kitchen, or ‘In and Out’ baskets for papers that need attention, such as bills and reminders, and papers that are ready to be filed away. Anything else should be recycled immediately before it can pile up.


Conquering clutter in the kitchen is a battle you can win, with a little strategy and some help from The RTA Store!



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