White cabinets and a medium-stain wooden floor lend a rustic feel to a kitchen.

Romantically Rustic: 7 Rustic Kitchen Ideas

The rustic kitchen is becoming increasingly popular with its romantic and homey feel. So how can you achieve the rustic look in your kitchen? Here are seven ideas to get you there.

One of the most obvious rustic kitchen features is the farmhouse sink. These sinks are large and deep, allowing you to wash many and large dishes at once. They also come in a variety of materials and colors. We especially like the copper for a truly rustic look.

Another route to go is to add or change your kitchen backsplash. Try out subway tile, or pick a tile that includes more earthy and neutral tones. For the latter, tiles made of stone or with a slightly tougher texture work particularly well. Complementing your kitchen backsplash right below could be a new countertop of either wood or a white tile or slab.

With your kitchen cabinets, you have a couple of different options. You could refinish your cabinets with white paint or you could go with the unfinished kitchen cabinet look. On your cabinets, consider changing out the hardware for cabinet pulls and cabinet knobs for a darker metal that will contrast nicely with the light cabinets. We like the look of bronze, gunmetal, brass, and copper. If you prefer silvers, an antique silver or brushed pewter could work as well.

With cabinets looking good, you could move on to the floor. Wooden floors with a light or medium stain tend to work best for the rustic look, but if you prefer tile, you could go with a lighter neutral stone.

Lastly, we recommend checking out thrift stores and antique shops for unique vintage decorations that you can add to your kitchen for an extra touch of that rustic feel. And it's not a requirement, but baked goods and fresh flowers also help if you're having guests over and want to add the cherry on top.


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