Flowers in Mason Jar Vases

6 Cool And Creative Centerpiece Ideas For Your Summer Table

We know you love DIY home décor project as much as our ready to assemble cabinets, so we’ve got another awesome project for you. Here are six ideas for creating a cool and creative DIY centerpiece for your summer table. There’s no need to go out and spend $40 or $50 on a seasonal centerpiece when you can make your own!


Flowers in Sand Pails1. Use a sand bucket or pail to pot plants.


Take a look in those outdoor ready to assemble cabinets and see what bucket or pail you no longer need. You can also use toy items or a plastic pail from a child’s sandcastle kit. Plant your favorite summer plants or blooming flowers, and bring a little bit of the beach to your kitchen table.


2. Fill mason jars with flowers or other fun decorations.


You could use mason jars as flower vases or fill them with fun, colorful items like seashells or sea glass. Arrange them alone on the table or line them up in a tabletop planter. Bonus for our lovers of DIY cabinets: use a repurposed cabinet drawer in place of a planter! This comes out to be a great summer centerpiece, and is just as great inside as it is out.


3. Create a sweet, country centerpiece with recycled cans.


Remove the labels on aluminum cans and they make the perfect foundation for a country style centerpiece. You can leave them as is or wrap them in burlap or a pretty patterned cloth. Add wild flowers or check out idea #6 for a fun flower replacement.


Lemons in a Glass Jar4. Get tropical with a pineapple centerpiece.


If you can put together ready to assemble kitchen cabinets, this DIY pineapple centerpiece will be a breeze. Simply cut off the top of a pineapple, carve out the center (don’t take out too much, as you want the skin to still be sturdy), and insert a plastic cup. You can put water in the cup and use your pineapple as a vase for fresh flowers or grasses!


5. Add fragrance and color with fresh lemons.


Citrus is a staple in summer, and you can combine that energetic scent with beautiful bright colors by creating a DIY citrus centerpiece. There are many ways to incorporate lemons in your centerpiece. You can take the easiest route and simply fill a glass jar with whole lemons. If you really want the citrus fragrance, you can cut off the tops and bottoms and carve out a small space in the center to hold flowers — arrange them on a plate to create a citrus bouquet! We’ve also seen beautiful tealight candles floating above lemon slices in clear glass votives or Mason jars. 


Pinwheels6. Swap flowers for pinwheels.


If you love DIY cabinets, you will love this idea that will save you serious money over the summer months. Don’t want to replace your centerpiece every week? Swap flowers for colorful pinwheels which will last all season and still add some color to your summer table. Keep them in place with sand, marbles, or pebbles. This is a summery and savvy centerpiece all around!



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