Rolled Beach Towels

3 Savvy Summer Storage Solutions For The Bathroom

With the summer sunshine comes extra items to store in bathroom cabinets and linen closets. Don’t let your bathroom become a mess of extra beach towels, sunscreen, and after sun lotions. Here are some savvy storage solutions for all your summer fun necessities!


Wicker Basket with Rolled Beach TowelsBeach Blanket Bonanza

The best way to escape the summer heat is to hit the waves at the beach, or cool down in the swimming pool. You will need a beach blanket or two, plus plenty of extra large towels on hand to dry off after taking a dip in the water — not just for you and your family, but for summer guests as well. Keep you bathroom linen cabinet organized and at the ready with this clever hack. Folding towels takes up precious space. Instead of stacking your towels in bulky folded rectangles, roll them up into tidy tubes! Rolled up towels take up less shelf space in your bathroom linen cabinet, and are easy to grab, and stuff into your beach bag!


Drip Drop Drip

With all those extra towels and wet bathing suits, you are going to need extra places to hang wet items. Let bath hardware come to the rescue! Towel bars, rings, and hooks can be a lifesaver when you need a place to hang your bikini, rash guard, or swim trunks to dry. You can also run a quick load of laundry if you have lots of very wet towels and clothing. Keep your laundry room cabinetry stocked with extra detergent, and fabric softener for fresh and fluffy towels, or leave a basin in your bathroom to hand wash delicates in the sink or bathtub.


Aspen White Shaker Laundry Room - The RTA StoreA Tisket, A Tasket

Natural woven baskets are summery and decorative, but they can also be a functional addition to your bathroom. Shop for wicker, sea grass, or rattan baskets of various sizes, and use them to corral loofas, washcloths, sunscreen, soap, bubble bath, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizing lotions, razors, shaving cream, and soothing aloe vera gel inside bathroom cabinets. You can keep a basket on top of your bathroom vanity for every day odds and ends like hair ties, face wash, or toothpaste, then add a few larger baskets on open shelves for extra rolls of toilet paper, or hand towels.


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