When the kids are away for the summer is the best time to tackle those remodeling projects.

When the Kids Are Away, Parents Will Play

While your house might be buzzing with activity during the school year, the summer is likely a time when you and your home get a break. Maybe the kids are graduating from high school or college or heading to camp for the summer. Either way, this is the perfect time to remodel or redecorate bedrooms and bathrooms.

If your kids are gone for the summer but will be back in the fall, then it's time to make the updates to their bedroom and/or bathroom that you've been thinking about all year. In the bedroom, you might throw on a fresh coat of paint with an accent wall and move around or replace some furniture. Perhaps you're moving towards transitioning their room into a guest bedroom and want to start heading in a more neutral direction.

Along the same lines, if your children's bathroom is the same bathroom that guests use, it could be time for an update. Installing bathroom vanities with tops could allow for a bit more creativity with the choice of sink bowls to go atop the vanity. Installing bathroom linen cabinets and bathroom cabinets over the toilet allows for a clean look with items stored away and creates extra space for storing linens for your kids and guests. For an extra touch of flair, you could add a tile backsplash to the cabinets.

If it's time for an overhaul in your kid's bedroom as in a total repurposing of the space, then you have many options depending on your interests. One possible fun option is to make the room into a craft or making space. In this case, you might consider installing cabinets for storing your items and for adding some workspace. If you choose to make the room into a gym, you might install a bit of cabinetry for storing a towel bin and small exercise items and for setting up a water station. Just think of all the possibilities!

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