5 Simple Ways to Create Contrast in the Kitchen with Dark & Light Colored Cabinets

Contrast is an art design principle that can also be applied to the design of your kitchen. Basically, it’s the placement of opposite elements, like light and dark or smooth and textured, to create interest or drama in a space. Creating contrast is the perfect way to add a striking statement to your space! Add contrast to your own kitchen with these five simple ideas from TheRTAStore. 

1. Balance dark-colored kitchen cabinets with lighter countertops.

Black and white is one of the most popular forms of contrast you’ll find. It’s a classic pairing that will add timeless style to your kitchen. Create this contrast by installing dark color kitchen cabinets like the Dakota Espresso kitchen cabinets from TheRTAStore. Pair the dark cabinets with beautiful white Carrera marble or white granite countertops to complete the look. If black cabinets are too dark for your taste, go with the softer Dark Chocolate Shaker cabinets, or, if you love white cabinets, go for a dark countertop material like soapstone. 


2. Pair light-colored cabinets with dark hardware.

Changing out your cabinet pulls and knobs is a simple and budget-friendly way to add contrast in your kitchen. TheRTAStore has a wide selection of kitchen hardware, making it easy to find just what you’re looking for. Pair dark cabinet pulls and knobs with white or light-colored cabinets to really make them pop. 


3. Try white cabinets with a black kitchen island.

Another place to add contrast is the kitchen island. Create a focal point in the kitchen with a black or dark color kitchen island surrounded by white or lighter-colored kitchen cabinets, or try a white island with darker color cabinets. The island is also a great place to add a pop of color if you’re feeling adventurous. TheRTAStore has a big selection of islands and carts so you can find one that fits perfectly in your kitchen. 


4. Balance dark color kitchen cabinets with a lighter backsplash.

Make dark color kitchen cabinets stand out by installing backsplash tiles in a lighter color. White subway tile or marble backsplash tile are both classic choices and look great with black or dark brown kitchen cabinets. Have light-colored kitchen cabinets? Try a darker backsplash!


5. Add wood to create contrast.

Contrast isn’t just about light and dark, it’s about texture too. Wood’s natural texture is great for creating contrast in the kitchen. Try wooden countertops, a butcher block island, or wooden cabinets to create a warm and inviting vibe in the kitchen. Follow TheRTAStore on Pinterest for more ways to create contrast in the kitchen and for a lot more kitchen inspiration!

Whether you’re looking to add contrast to your kitchen or just need new kitchen cabinets, TheRTAStore can help. Browse through high-quality Pre-Assembled and Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets at prices that are lower than big retail stores. You’ll also find kitchen accessories, hardware, and backsplashes—all without having to leave your home. If you have questions or need design advice, talk with a friendly design expert for free!