A Game Room Makeover for Your Basement

Sunday fun day reaches new levels when you have a game room in your basement. Whether you’re looking for a special place for family time, you want to entertain more, or you need a spot for your kids to hang out, a basement game room scores all the points!

Game Room Ideas

Life underground – whether you want to stock the room with video game consoles or you’re more into board games, pool, cards and dice… here are our favorite game room ideas.

Pool, Anyone: The quintessential game room feature is, of course, a pool table. You can either build your entire space around it as a focus piece – or you can tuck your pool table in a corner of the room and add in some banquette seating. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a pool table in your basement game room. Pool sharks, unite! If you have room – add in a foosball or ping-pong table.

Arcade for All Ages: This is your chance to go all-out arcade. From PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Wii, vintage Atari, virtual reality games, pinball machine or full-on stand-up arcade games (insert quarter here), you can really have fun setting up your basement game room. Depending on your space and budget, a fresh idea is to add theater seating, bean bag chairs, LED flashing lights, huge TVs and so much more! Just make sure there is plenty of elbow room!

Board Game Room: Those board games you’ve been collecting since childhood – this is your time to let them shine! Fun ideas are to set up stations – one for cards, another one for dice, a chess and checkers table, a couple of tables dedicated for different board games, one for Jenga, etc… You can also set up floor games like hopscotch, Shuffle Zone, Twister, Jumbo Foursquare, and more. If you have the space, a dedicated board game cabinet is ideal for storage.

Game Room Décor Ideas

Now that you know what you want for a basement game room, it’s time to figure out décor for your space. Transform it into the game room of your dreams with these ideas, tips and tricks:

  • Beverage and Snack Station: From kids’ drinks to adult beverages, popcorn to cheese and crackers, depending on your needs, setting up a beverage and snack station may just be the cherry on top in your game room.
  • Brick-Tiled Walls: Give your game room a fresh and unique vibe with fun brick-tiled walls. Easy to install tile can give your space the look and true texture of exposed You just need to decide whether you want rustic brick, industrial chic or cozy country home.
  • Game Piece Wall Art: Really set the tone of your game room with artwork that is from actual games. Whether board games, vintage arcade signs, game-themed murals, you can really have fun with this idea.
  • Storage Space: Keep on hand everything you need to play your games – from pens and paper to batteries, extra game pieces, cards and more… you never want to invite the gang over only to find you ran out of something. Set up a fun storage space for all of your extra gaming accessories.
  • Blankets, Sweatshirts and Socks: Basements tend to be cool and sometimes a little damp. Keep a cabinet stocked with blankets, sweatshirts and fuzzy socks in case one of your guests gets the chills. Another fun idea is to add a portable indoor fireplace and lounge area for relaxation in between sets.