How To Host An Epic Super Bowl Party In Your Very Own TV Room

You don’t have to go out to watch the Super Bowl in style. Your TV room has the potential to be the perfect location for your game day celebrations. Here are our tips and tricks for hosting an epic Super Bowl party right at home.

Ensure optimum viewing capabilities.

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You can have the most mouth-watering appetizers and coldest drinks on the block, but none of that will matter if no one can see the screen. Ensure all of your guests have VIP seating way before the first whistle is blown. The first order of business is your TV room cabinetry. Since this will be your main screening area for the game, make sure there is plenty of extra seating around the entertainment center. Depending on the position of your TV room cabinetry and the layout of the room, you might want to simply add a few side chairs or get creative with bean bags and floor seating.

If you have an open concept kitchen, you can also utilize tall bar stools to create a second layer of seating behind your TV room couches. Just make sure that the view is clear and those sitting at the breakfast bar aren’t struggling to see through the couch crowd. If you have an open concept kitchen, it is actually beneficial to set up a second TV in your kitchen or dining room area. Borrow a set from one of the bedrooms, and test the hook up the day before to make sure the signal is clear and secure.

Put together a menu that is delicious — and easy to serve.

Speaking of mouth-watering appetizers…. food is definitely a huge factor for a successful Super Bowl Sunday. A combination of serve-yourself snacks and passed trays will guarantee guests never go hungry. Stick with the classics like chicken wings and hearty dips that can be put out and indulged in. Fan favorites like hot pretzels or pigs in a blanket are quick to bake up and serve up. You want options that you know your guests will love but that are also easy to prepare and serve.

Stock your bar cabinets, have the ice ready, and be the Most Valuable Host.

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A good host would never run out of drinks or serve someone an “almost cold” beverage. Keep your MVH status by stocking bar cabinets with all of the essentials and having plenty of ice on hand. It’s the Super Bowl, so you have full rein to bring your cooler into the TV room. Create that authentic tailgate experience right at home! If you can’t be at the stadium, why not bring some of those elements to you? Give your bar area that home-team feel by also putting out cups, straws, and stirrers in your team’s colors.

Keep things friendly with fun games that both sides can enjoy.

If you predict a rivalry to brew up between guests, it doesn’t hurt to have some friendly games that can help neutralize any tension. There are plenty of game-day printables you can pass out to guests that involve the half time show and commercials. Try to keep the actual game out of your party games. And if the weather is nice, why not convert your outdoor space into a true tailgate? A little fresh air and a game of corn hole could help even the most passionate fans to wind down and enjoy the day.

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