Timeless Design for Your Kitchen Remodel

Planning to remodel your kitchen but don’t want to go with a look that will be outdated in a year or two? We hear you! When remodeling your kitchen, you’ll want to make it your own while incorporating timeless design components that will bring you as much joy five or ten years from now as the day your remodel is finished.

Below are four top timeless design ideas to consider for your kitchen remodel. Whether you incorporate one or choose to combine all of these designs into your remodel, you’re sure to love the end result!

#1: Choose a Neutral Color Palette

With a seemingly endless amount of color choices available, selecting the right color palette for your kitchen remodel can be challenging. This is one area where it’s often best to ignore all the popular colors and go with a neutral color scheme.

Not only is a neutral color palette a timeless option, but it’s extremely versatile in that it will fit any style home and will match well with most other design elements you may want to add in your kitchen.

#2: Keep the Backsplash Simple

A simple, clean backsplash tile is always a timeless and, therefore, smart choice for a kitchen. You can’t go wrong with choosing simple over trendy when it comes to backsplashes.

Since tile is one of the more difficult parts of a kitchen to replace, it’s one area where it’s beneficial to play it safe and not have to buy what’s “hot.” The last thing you want is to have to replace your tile when your tastes change six months after your remodel.

#3: White Cabinets

White cabinets are tried-and-true and, we’re happy to say, here to stay. White cabinetry is a classic choice that will add simple and elegant beauty to your kitchen. Providing a clean and fresh look, white cabinets also complement a wide variety of kitchen sizes and styles.

#4: Get a Farm-Style Sink

Although farm sinks may be trendy right now, they’ve been around for a long, long time and will continue to be a highlight in many kitchens for years to come. Not only are they highly durable and practical (two rather essential features for a sink!), but they offer the added benefit of bringing a chic look to any kitchen. Best of all, they still look pretty, even when they’re full of dishes.