Kitchen Color Palettes that Will Make Hearts Flutter

The kitchen is the focal point of many homes—the center of food, conversation and style. If you’re planning to freshen up your kitchen with a new coat of paint, it can be tough to choose a color that will impress your guests and keep up with trends. Let’s take a look at kitchen color palettes that are sure to make hearts flutter.

#1: Make a Splash with Reds

Cozy up your kitchen with rust-colored red walls and accents of white. Custom red colors add energy and warmth to the kitchen. A fun idea is to choose vibrant reds and pair them with earthy greens, golden yellows and natural wood to give your kitchen a rustic-chic charm sure to be a conversation piece. Add a tiled backsplash to complement every aspect of your new kitchen.

#2: Subtle Grays

There is something about a gray kitchen that says sophisticated, urban and chic. Gray kitchens became trendy several years ago and today are considered a classic kitchen color. Gray is an extremely versatile color choice as it can be either warm or cool. If you want a traffic-stopping kitchen, charcoal gray will always command attention. The key to perfecting your grays is simplicity, contrast and subtleness.

#3: Classic Black and White

A black and white kitchen is not only a showstopper, it also conveys attitude. From elegant to urban to farmhouse-inspired, black and white kitchens will never go out of style. If you want a unique kitchen that screams character and personality while making a bold statement, let these classic colors play off each other for a huge impact.

#4: Blue and Orange

Give your kitchen a splash of energy with this bold duo. Soft blue hues with bright orange pair perfectly with each other. While orange is an attention-grabbing color that tends to stimulate one’s appetite, it also makes a kitchen warm and cozy. Blue coupled with orange is truly an exceptional pairing as these two colors offer quite a contrast to the other, giving the kitchen a bold, high-energy vibe.

#5: Earth Tones

Talk about an inviting kitchen! Pairing earthy tones like pale green with light brown is fresh, warm and elegant. For even more variety, add different shades of wood stain to give your kitchen an organic, natural feel. The end result is a kitchen that will feel light, approachable, outdoorsy and welcoming. These shades together can be both luxurious and everyday practical. Experiment with other earthy combinations like rust and sage or tan and mahogany.