5 DIY Architectural Elements That Add Character Within A Home

Adding architectural elements to your home can completely change your overall design aesthetic. These structural additions provide depth, texture, and visual interest in areas that previously felt plain or overlooked. The best part is, you don’t need to hire a contractor to carry out your renovation project plan with these easy updates. Every one of these architectural elements can be DIYed! Which way will you add character to your home?

1.Upgrade to RTA cabinets with ornate details.

Upgrade to a high end kitchen by installing new ready to assemble cabinets. With so many affordable options to choose from, you can design your own stylish set that includes decorative corbels, molding, or glass mullion doors. These and other accents will add instant charm to the kitchen and are a great way to increase visual interest. You can also opt for kitchen cabinet finishes in a custom color that contrasts with your walls or countertops. Such unique details and kitchen cabinet finishes add character and help to elevate your renovation project plan.

2. Install crown molding along ceilings, columns or cabinets.

Learning how to install crown molding is simple enough and only requires three materials: crown molding, paintable caulk, and nails. This decorative trim is typically added where the interior walls meet the ceiling, but it can also be used to add visual interest to cabinets in a high end kitchen or along the edges of columns throughout the home. Crown molding is an easy way to bring embellishment and character to the home. Like new cabinets, this enhancement is also known to be a good return on investment, as the inclusion of crown molding can increase the value of your home.

Professional carpenter installing wainscotting chair rail and trim to walls for home renovation3. Add a wall treatment anywhere in the home.

Wainscoting is another way to increase architectural interest in your home. This wall treatment can make your home look warmer and more decorative with the strategic addition of panels. There are a variety of different styles of wainscotting including overlay, beadboard, raised panel, flat panel, and board and batten. Originally wainscoting was composed of oak, but there are many more options today when it comes to the material used. You can also purchase sheets rather than individual panels, which makes installation easier and more efficient.

4. Boost your home’s style with ceiling beams.

You can add beams to almost any ceiling. This architectural detail can also adapt to different styles of interior design. Whether you’re going for a sleek modern look or a farmhouse theme to match rustic kitchen cabinets, there is a type of ceiling beam for your design style. To achieve a more modern aesthetic, opt for metal varieties of beams. For that rustic vibe, pick a weathered wood or wood-like option.

Golden and white golden hallway with beige carpet, columns and s5. Warm up entryways with door trims, columns or pilasters.

From your bedroom door to the space between an open concept kitchen and dining room, you can warm up any entryway by adding architectural elements. Depending on your level of DIY savviness, you can start simple with a door trim (a subtle but impactful enhancement), or take it a step further by installing columns or pilasters to add a division and visual interest between rooms. Either update will add character, and both can help boost appeal to future buyers, making them well worth including in your renovation project plan.


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