Kitchen Refresh Design Tips

If you’re not ready to completely remodel your kitchen, but want to update it a bit, there are plenty of great ways to do so. By incorporating some of the kitchen refresh design tips below, you’ll be able to give your kitchen a look you’ll love without having to spend a ton of money.

#1: Install Open Shelving

Adding open shelves can work wonders for the look and feel of your kitchen, especially if your kitchen is on the smaller side. Depending on the layout of your kitchen and how much wall space you have available, you can add open shelves to an otherwise unused space to create a practical storage area that also provides visual appeal.

If you’re tight on wall space, replacing just one small upper cabinet with a few open shelves can bring a more open, spacious feel to your kitchen while allowing you to display your favorite dishes, cookbooks or other items.

#2: Get New Lighting

Lighting makes a huge difference in the mood of any room, kitchens included. Replace an outdated light fixture with a more modern and practical one. You’ll want to look for something that provides sufficient light for cooking while also being warm and welcoming.

If your budget allows, you might want to replace all the kitchen lights or install lighting underneath your cabinets, which will make your life a whole lot easier when performing any kitchen tasks on the counter. If you have an island, you can invest in a quality pendant light to hang above it.

#3: Refresh Your Cabinets

If you like the style of your current kitchen cabinets and they’re functioning well, but you want to give them a refresh, replace their knobs and pulls or give them a fresh coat of paint—or both! If you decide to paint them, go with a color that complements the rest of your kitchen.

#4: Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Speaking of paint, a fresh coat is always an easy, cost effective way to add new life to any room. It’s even easier to do in a kitchen since most of the wall space is covered up by cabinets and appliances, leaving only a small area to paint.

Don’t spin your wheels trying to choose one of the endless color options available; you can’t go wrong with a neutral shade like cream or griege, or something bright and cheery like pale yellow, in a kitchen.

#5: Buy a New Faucet and Sink

While this is a more expensive option than some of the other ideas, getting a new faucet and kitchen sink will do a fantastic job of updating your kitchen’s look and feel, while also giving you a new and improved version of one of the most highly used and necessary components of a kitchen.