​A Baker’s Dozen of Must-Haves in the Kitchen of 2015

Is updating your kitchen on your “to do” list for 2015? If so, we’ve got a baker’s dozen worth of must-haves for you. From metallic hardware to hidden refrigerators and freezers, here are the kitchen styles that are trending in 2015:

1. Shaker style cabinets
Shaker style cabinets aren’t new to the kitchen scene. In fact, they’ve been a favorite for quite a while. Their simple and clean look is keeping them on trend for at least another year. Love the style? Take a look at these Aspen White Shaker cabinets from TheRTAStore that will instantly brighten your kitchen!

2. Streamlined storage
In 2015, storage space has to be streamlined with pull-outs and organizers for maximum efficiency. Outfit your kitchen cabinets with pull-out cookware organizers for bulky pots and lids or a slide out rack to store cookie sheets and platters.
3. A multipurpose island
Kitchen islands don’t just provide an extra work surface anymore. They’re becoming the new gathering surface for family meals, a place to show off your personality and a way to integrate more storage space into your kitchen.

4. Mixed textures
Add interest in your kitchen this year by bringing in a variety of surface textures. Try mixing unexpected materials like industrial concrete, warm wood or sleek soapstone.

5. Metallic pops
No, the shiny brass fixtures of the 1980s are not making a comeback (whew!). However, brass is back, but this time around it’s much more refined (and less builder-grade). Try it in small doses in your kitchen with new hardware. See #9 for more metallic inspiration!

6. An eye-catching backsplash
Whether the backsplash is colorful, made of a cool material (pennies anyone?!), or arranged in an unexpected way—a new backsplash can go a long way in updating your kitchen in 2015.
7. Quartz countertops
If you follow us on Pinterest, you know we have an entire board dedicated to Quartz countertops! A few fast facts about this on-trend material: 1. Home experts say it’s extremely durable; 2. It comes in a variety of colors (green anyone?); 3. It requires less maintenance than granite, but still has a high-end look.  

8. Black and white
This classic color combination is making its way into the kitchen of 2015. White has always been a favorite in the kitchen, but kitchen trend experts say black will start popping up on cabinets and other kitchen fixtures. Check out these classic black cabinets to get started!

9. Copper
Copper has a way of bringing warmth to a kitchen. Try it in the sink, over the stove or check out our Pinterest board dedicated to copper countertops!
10. Professional-grade appliances  
Cook like a chef with on trend professional-grade appliances you’d find in the kitchen of your favorite restaurant. A 2015 Kitchen and Bath Style Report says appliance brands are making professional-grade appliances, like oven ranges, for everyday living.
11. Open cabinetry/shelving
Doors are so last year (well, sort of). Go doorless in 2015 with open cabinetry or shelving. It’s a great option for smaller spaces and provides a way to display your favorite dishes.

12.  A hidden refrigerator and freezer
Along with professional grade appliances, houseware experts say refrigerators and freezers that blend in with kitchen cabinets are becoming popular choices. This seamless look is created when a custom panel is attached to the outside of each appliance that matches the surrounding cabinets.

13. A farm-style (apron-front) sink
These rustic sinks are still kitchen favorites in 2015. Go with the classic white ceramic for a country-inspired look or wow with one in copper or a vibrant color!