The Beginners Guide To French Country Kitchens

Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen and absolutely love the French Country look, but don’t know where or how to get started? If so, then you’re in luck as we’ve pulled together a useful guide to help you get started with planning the design of your French Country Kitchen!

What is French Country?

The French Country style of decorating mirrors the rustic old world charm and style of rural France. It has a very warm and informal feel, using natural materials like distressed wood, earth-toned colors, and metals.

How do I create the look with my kitchen cabinets?

In order to create the Old World look and charm of a French Country kitchen, your cabinets will need to be made of wood and have lots of decorative elements on them.  If replacing your cabinets is not in your budget you can certainly create this look by painting them in a warm, earthy tone, and distressing them to give them that “lived in” or used type of feel.

Add finishing touches to your cabinets by choosing the right type of hardware. French Country styled hardware usually tends to be made from brass, bronze, or iron, and will have a worn, aged look to it.

What type of lighting fixtures will I need?

Just like the hardware used on your kitchen cabinets, French Country styled light fixtures will be made of metal and glass and have an antiqued look to it. Some fixtures will look more like time worn chandeliers while others will have a more tailored Old World look.

What type of flooring is used in French Country?

The essential element to decorating your kitchen in the French Country style is remembering to use natural materials. Flooring materials found in French Country kitchens tend to be made from natural stone, brick, clay, or wooden boards.

You’ll never see a bare floor in these types of kitchens. Flooring is usually covered with small area rugs made of natural materials like cotton and wool.

What other architectural features make up French Country Style?

You may or may not be able to go all out with the architectural details that are typical in the French Country style, but some of the things you’ll usually see are large distressed wooden beams in the ceiling, plastered walls, large deep window sills, and shutters.

What types of dining and seating are used in French Country Kitchens?

What types of dining and seating are used in French Country Kitchens?
A true French Country kitchen will have a large wooden dining table, usually rectangular or round in shape, with a dull or low sheen to it. Like the kitchen cabinets, the dining table can be painted and distressed to give it that time worn feel. When choosing seating for your table, French Country styled chairs are typically designed to have a ladder back with rush seating.

What types of accessories will I need to finish off the look?

You can add the last pieces of flare to your French Country kitchen by accessorizing it with beautiful woven baskets for storage, attractive and colorful paintings, pottery, grasses, and flowers.
When choosing fabric, look for patterns that have traditional French design, like images of nature, animal themes, and country themes.

Now that you’re armed with more information on French Country style, do you think you’ll be able to create this look in your kitchen? Leave us a comment and let us know!
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