Organized Kitchen Pantry Cabinets

6 Ways To Maximize Storage In Your Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

Whether you have a large kitchen pantry cabinet or a small one, we all deal with the same issues. We’re talking storage and organization! There never seems to be enough space to store items, which leads to clutter, which leads to disorganization. Stop searching through your cabinets, and get organized by implementing these easy tips to maximize storage in your food pantry.


1. Hang under-shelf baskets in your kitchen pantry cabinet to increase vertical storage space.

Get more out of your kitchen pantry cabinet by optimizing vertical space. Under-shelf baskets hang from the shelf above, creating twice as much storage space than before. Short items like breads or onions take up unnecessary space. Under-shelf baskets allow you to store twice as many items while still steering clear of clutter.  


Vertical Door Rack - The RTA Store2. Stop searching for spices and install organizers on your cabinet doors.

Organizers for cabinet doors can be a great way to store items and save space. Depending on what items you’d like to store, there are few size options that attach to the back of cabinet doors.

For small items like spices, seasonings and oils, The RTA Store’s Door Mount Spice Rack is a great choice. If you’d like to stow your aluminum foil, cling wrap, and plastic bags on the back of your cabinet doors, consider The RTA Store’s Vertical Door Rack for those items.


3. Save space by organizing food containers more resourcefully.

All those glass and plastic food containers can easily fill your kitchen pantry cabinet. Rather than keep bottoms and lids together, store them separately to save space. Stack bottoms one on top of the other (largest to smallest) and store lids on their side using a plate rack or tray divider.


4. Put packaging in the past and shave down clutter.

One big space hog in your kitchen pantry cabinet is all the cardboard boxes and bags your food comes in. You can eliminate this excess waste by getting rid of packaging as much as possible. Alternatively, store loose food items like cereal, pasta, and rice in clear containers, and keep other items like tea bags and chip bags in baskets or bins.


Dry Goods in Glass Jars5. Be selective when choosing storage containers.

When purchasing storage containers to organize your food pantry, don’t just grab whatever plastic container or bin you see on sale at the store. Measure your shelves so that you can find storage containers that optimize the space.

Also look for quality pieces that will seal really well (you want them to keep your food fresh) and that are easy to clean (if they are safe to wash in the dishwasher that is always a plus).


6. Label containers, baskets and bins for less confusion.

Keep track of what is where by creating an easy labeling system for your kitchen pantry cabinet. Mark containers, trays, baskets and bins by category. For example, “baking” and “snacks.” When your canned goods and pancake mix are in separate sections it will make finding what you need a whole lot easier.


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