Where to Use Wood-Like Tile

When your heart is set on wood flooring but you really need the durability of tile… decisions are the worst! This is where porcelain or ceramic wood-look tile flooring comes into play. New and trendy, faux wood tile flooring gives you the best of both worlds: the look of wood with the durability of tile.

Versatility is a bonus, too, as wood-look tile is very customizable and comes in various patterns, textures and styles, including a woodgrain tile texture. Take a look at these wood-look tile ideas for your home.

Wood-Look Tile for Your Outdoor Space

From your patio and pool deck to your outdoor bar, wood-like tile is an excellent way to bring the charm and style of “hardwood” floors outside. Its extreme durability makes it the perfect option for your outdoor space. The realistic woodgrain appearance will feel natural and will complement your outdoor décor to make your space feel cozy. No worries about those cannonballs into the pool – your tiled deck will dry up in no time!

Modernize Your Kitchen with Wood-Look Tile

For high-traffic areas like your kitchen, wood-look tile is a great option as it’s both water- and stain-resistant. Cleanup is a breeze and the tile stands up well to kids and pets.

One of the best things about installing wood-look tile in your kitchen is that you can customize it to perfectly match both your personal style and the room as it comes in countless colors, textures and sizes. You can even get wood-look tile planks and colored grout. Now we’re talking! A fun idea is to try weathered, hand-scraped tile in your kitchen to give it a new but aged and rustic appeal. Contrast the space with prominent white grout to really bring out the look.

Give Your Bathroom a “Hardwood” Floor

Splish and splash away during bathtime. Porcelain tile is perfect for catching the drips, and the water-resistant tile looks warm, cozy and oh-so relaxing. A trendy idea is to use patchwork wood-look tile planks to spruce up the design of your bathroom. Want to add a focal point to the room – add a little wood look tile to a wall.

Tiled Bedroom… Absolutely

Bedroom tiles. Unconventional? Maybe. But wow, adding wood-look tile to your bedroom makes a statement. Take the classic appearance of hardwood floors (without the maintenance) and add in a contemporary look and feel with the convenience of wood-look tiles. You’ve just taken your nothing-to-write-home-about bedroom and made it modern chic with an elegant ambiance. Add an area rug underneath your bed to add dimension and coziness, while bringing comfort to the space.

The aesthetic appeal and durability of porcelain wood-look tile makes it a versatile flooring option for any room in your home – indoors and out. If you haven’t yet looked into this faux wood tile flooring option, you’re missing out.