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5 Easy And Stylish Ways To Freshen Up Your Bathroom On A Budget

Bathroom vanities are attractive and functional, and serve as the main focal point of the room. It is understandable that they can account for a large portion of your remodeling budget, with the remainder left to improve the rest of your space. Ready to assemble bathroom vanities are the most cost-effective option — a little DIY effort can save you a ton of cash on installation. And luckily, there are many other low-cost ways to improve your bathroom. Here we’ll share some easy and stylish ways to freshen up an older bathroom without breaking the bank.

1. Install a small bathroom sink backsplash.

Cristezza Club Glass Tile in Teal - The RTA StoreMany homeowners love the look of a tiled wall in a bathroom, but consider it too large of a project to tackle. A small backsplash above the bathroom sink is an easy DIY alternative, and can really make bathrooms look a lot more luxurious.

Consider a glass tile backsplash in a bright color, like The RTA Store’s Cristezza Club Glass Tile in Teal, to add color and character, or the shimmering Venetian Glass and Aluminum Tile in Bari to create a soothing, spa-like ambiance. You’ll be surprised at how much this easy installation can help in creating the style you want for your new bathroom.

2. Swap out dull fixtures.

Poorly placed lighting can make even the most modern room feel dreary and outdated. If your light fixtures aren’t much to lust after, consider purchasing some new sconces to brighten up the room. This affordable new addition will have a big impact without the jaw-dropping cost.

3. Add a splash of color.

Our color choices for bathroom vanities, fixtures, and flooring tend to be neutral. While keeping the foundation simple can have great benefits, it can also leave something to be desired. Add some complementary splashes of color to the room in the form of wall paint, a bath rug, a new shower curtain, or even hand towels hung on a shiny new towel ring. A little color can instantly brighten up the room and make it feel fresher than before.

Arctic White Shaker - The RTA Store4. Don’t be afraid of décor.

When styling a small space like a bathroom, it’s normal to think décor could be more of a detriment than an asset. With limited countertop space and square footage, where would you even place those cute adornments?

A few floating shelves can be the answer. By not cluttering your countertop or filling up your floors, floating shelves allow you an easy and non-intrusive place to put that pretty picture frame or potted plant.

5. Make storage more sightly.

Have you ever considered your bathroom linens and toiletries to be decorations themselves? Probably not. We tend to think of these items as personal, best to be hidden away behind a drawer or cabinet door. But there is a better way. Creative storage solutions such as decorative baskets, glass canisters, or over-the-toilet cabinets, allow you to transform everyday items into part of your bathroom design. With these options, you organize items and enhance the room’s style. Win-win!


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