Front Porch With Curb Appeal

How to Add Curb Appeal To Your Home

Sprucing up the exterior of your house will make you, and future buyers, love your home even more. From quick, inexpensive fixes to pricier updates that can actually increase your property value, here are some of the best ways to add curb appeal to your home. And for more ways to add beauty and value to your home, check out our free kitchen design tool online.

Take Your Doorstep From Drab To Fab

They may tell us not to judge a book by its cover, but we’ve all passed a little judgment on home entryways. Cracked tiles displaying house numbers, a rusty doorknob, a dented old mailbox, dull, chipped paint? These small details make a big impact on the look of your home. Swap out old hardware for new, replace house numbers, and get yourself a new mailbox. Pick an attractive color for your front door that compliments your home and give your door a fresh coat of paint. These minor adjustments cost mere dollars and take just minutes to fix, but will greatly improve the overall look of your doorstep.

Add Front Yard Floral  

Colorful, Symmetrical Landscaping For Curb Appeal

Whether you live in the suburbs and have plenty of green space, or you are a city dweller with not much more than a single weed on your sidewalk, adding some colorful flowers can bring new life to your home. When dressing the exterior of your house, keep season, color, and balance in mind . Select plants that will flourish this time of year, in colors that match your scheme. Then arrange them so that the finished project is as symmetrical as it is stunning. If you have dirt to plant in, give your green thumb a go, or decorate with beautiful potted arrangements and give your neighbors’ some serious competition.

Upgrade The Exterior Elements Of Your Home

There are many ways to make surface updates to your home’s exterior depending on your budget. You can start simple with power washing or a fresh coat of paint, or take it further by replacing your old gutter system with new gutters and downspouts. For less money and easy assembly, a snap-fit vinyl system is a great option. Your gutter system will no longer look neglected, and your home will appear a bit snazzier. For total gutter glam, shell out some extra bucks and go with a copper system. They are great quality, and that golden bronze finish is a real showstopper.

 “Welcome” With Outdoor Décor

New Front Door Welcome Mat

Some touches just make a home feel more welcoming. Add a few to yours by enhancing your front porch or making your doorstep more inviting. A bench or swing is a cozy way to say, “Stay awhile!” and encourage guests to make themselves at home. Add some comfortable outdoor cushions and pillows, and a pretty doormat. These little details add personality and make your home more approachable to visitors. You can also encompass your porch with a railing or fence, which makes the area feel more like a place to be rather than just an entryway to your home. By making your porch its own enclave, it suggests that the inside of your home is just as wonderful as its exterior.


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